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"Art Is Dangerous To Authority"- Jon Rappoport

Art is dangerous. It makes people move out of standard-response channels.

They don’t see what they’re supposed to see anymore. They see what they’re not supposed to see.

That’s why colleges teach brain-deadening courses in art history. Every attempt is made to codify the students’ reactions.

I’m not just talking about political art. I mean anything that truly comes out of reliance on imagination.

Those who run things—and their willing dupes—want reality to look a certain way and be experienced and felt in certain ways. These limited spectra form a shared lowest common denominator.

Even so-called spiritual experience is codified. It’s called organized religion. I call it “give money to the ceiling.” You give your money and they tell you high how the ceiling of your experience is and what you’ll find when you get there.

Art has none of these limitations. It’s created by people who’ve gone beyond the shrunken catalog of emotions, thoughts, and perceptions listed by authorities.

Art, by which I mean imagination, throws caution to the winds. It invents realities that engender new reactions, never before experienced. It blows apart old rigid perception.
The hammer blows and the soft propaganda of the common culture install layers of mind control: “See things, experience things in these prescribed ways.”

Over the years, I’ve encouraged a number of people to become artists. Aside from the work they then invented, I noticed their whole approach to, and perception of, life altered radically.
Their sense of vitality, their courage, their adventurous spirit came to the foreground.
Mind control, externally applied and self-induced, is all about putting a lid on creative power. That is its real target.

The one trap an artist—which is to say anyone who lives through and by imagination—has to avoid is thinking of himself as a victim because he is “an outsider.”

Outside is good. Outside has great strength.

When an artist invents himself as a victim, he then goes on to lash out at people who have nothing to do with the fate to which he’s consigned himself.

Authorities in any society, no matter what they call themselves, are invested in systems that will maintain a status quo of perception. They are constantly producing new systems for that purpose.

Technocrats would like you to believe that hooking your brain up to some super-brain computer will fulfill your needs and desires. They seek to prove that all invention, all creation, all art, all imagination is merely a set of calculations within a closed system.

This effort betrays their own despair. They see no way they can truly create.

It is the vacuum in which all elites live. They build up a frozen dead consciousness of models and algorithms and “solutions,” and they seek to impose it, as reality, on the minds of populations.

Essentially, they’re saying, “If we have a soul-sickness, you have to have it, too.”

It’s called hatred of life.

On the other hand, individual creative power launches from a platform of freedom and rises through layer after layer of greater freedom.

From that perspective, authoritarian power looks like a sick-unto-dying charade.

Jon Rappoport,

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Video: Stefan Molyneux On The Obamacare Scam

[Onebornfree's Freedom Network commentary: this video presentation, by anarchist Stefan Molyneux, is excellent, except for one "small" problem. He never really gets to say that the horror of Obama's new law is NOT some sort of exception to the rule, or a statistical aberration. Instead, it is in fact no more or less than "par for the course" for ALL government programs, EVERYWHERE. Obamacare is no more than one more atypical example of the way that ALL government programs must work. To believe that the mistakes of Obamacare can be "fixed" by even more government, when government created the problem in the first place, is to believe in pure fantasy. Lesson:  one of the most important facts of life that a freedom-seeker needs to fully comprehend is that all governments are a 100%scam, and that therefor, all government programs are a scam, and that therefor, Obamacare is itself a scam. 

Regards, onebornfree and the Freedom Network ]



More about "Onebornfree"  :

"Onebornfree", or "O.B.F".  is the generic, 15+ year online business name for my internet persona and various entrepreneurial activities]:

 I am an alternative psychologist and alternative health/fitness consultant ,

Personal Freedom Consultant, 

 a Financial Safety Consultant

and a  musician [singer/guitarist, mostly blues/jazz stylings] and published songwriter.

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It's Insanity to Believe You Can Change The World

[Onebornfree/ Freedom Network commentary: this short video pretty much sums up the main message I have been trying to get across to people , either at Network meetings, or in private consultations. The most important fact you can learn, from me, or from this video, is, to quote the movies narrator: " You cannot change the world, to make yourself happy, or free."..."As long as humanity believes that they can change the world to make themselves happy and free, we will continue to fall into this trap generation after generation. It is insanity to think that you can change the world to make yourself happy or free". If you need any help, or have questions/comments about this video's and my own assertions, please contact me at: onebornfree at yahoo dot com. Regards, onebornfree.]


Video source.

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Withdrawing Your Consent From The State

[Commentary: Onebornfree and the Freedom Network wishes you good luck in withdrawing your consent from the state. I  believe that for the freedom-seeking individual, this withdrawal is the most important action you can take, and that the more you withdraw, he better off you will be. If you find you need help in so doing, or you simply have no idea where to start, that is precisely where my Problem Solver Service  might help. We can talk via email or Skype if needed, just email me at onebornfreeatyahoodotcom - regards, onebornfree.]

By Michael S. Rozeff
September 17, 2013

Withdrawing consent to the state means more than this innocuous phrase may suggest.

To withdraw consent is far-reaching. It means a divorce from the state insofar as this is possible. It means having no loyalty to the state, seeing the state as fundamentally unfair and a source of continual injustices, being unwilling to help the state in any way, assuming and feeling no responsibility for the state’s actions, and seeing the state as hostile to peace and society. It means not participating in its rituals and having no appreciation of its symbols or myths. It means a psychological divorce from feeling positive about or approving of its victories. It means working toward the state’s opposite, that is, living together in freedom, friendship, comity and peace, i.e., in society. It means no longer thinking of oneself as a citizen, and not believing that as a citizen one has obligations toward the state or other citizens.

Withdrawing consent from the state means not looking upon oneself as owning the state or influencing its activities or doing a sort of duty for the state. It means viewing the state as a nuisance. It means abandoning all forms of patriotism directed at the state and adherence to its symbols, parades, flags, pledges, songs, anthems and monuments. It means no veneration of any political figure, past, present or future. It means no veneration of the Constitution. It means as much as possible avoiding all interactions with government.

Withdrawing consent does not mean being anti-social. Just the opposite. Going toward a natural order and society of life, freedom and property is the natural law alternative to the state and its artificial legalistic order.

Withdrawing consent can go much deeper than these changes. It can mean seeking out the underground economy, homeschooling, leaving the country, and avoiding the mainstream media interpretations.

Withdrawing consent is actually a creative challenge, to be met by many and varied individual techniques. It might be that a person boycotts movies that glorify the military. It surely means not supporting the troops and not pasting decals to that effect on one’s car. It might mean educating others or counseling young men and women not to join the military and not to seek government jobs. 

The scope for withdrawing consent is broad. I cannot possibly say what all it involves. What works for me is surely very different from what works for others, and what I am saying here is no blueprint for sure. Just because I don’t organize or attend protests or go on hunger strikes doesn’t mean that others shouldn’t do this or that I disapprove. 

I don’t participate in any political parties or vote, but neither do I get bent out of shape if others do. To the contrary, God moves in mysterious ways and we never know what series of events may trigger important changes. I am only suggesting that withdrawing consent is actually a much more important thing than what it sounds on the surface.

For me personally, withdrawing consent does not mean being angry at the state, hating it or turning to violence. I have never liked feeling either anger or hatred, and I try to eliminate them. I do not go around confronting state people intentionally or showing hostility to them. I feel that the state is winning if it “gets” to me. I pay my taxes and register my car. I have no inclinations to use violence whatsoever to the state or state people.

I have the faith that the natural order of life, freedom and property is going to prevail eventually without using violence and that the state will some day be viewed as a perverse aberration based on false ideas. I believe that as time goes on, even if takes a few hundred years, the falsity of the basic ideas underlying the state will become so clear to most people that they will look upon this era as mad and uncivilized. The ways by which freedom will win are way beyond my powers to know. The important thing is to get the tide flowing toward justice and away from the state, and that people have a clear understanding of what this means and why they should move in that direction.

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Onebornfree On The Faux Capitalist Radio Show

                                                     [Above: Screenshot of the Faux Capitalist home page]

After making a comment in the comments section of Jim Fetzer's podcast , where he [J. Fetzer] interviewed Canadian radio host Jason Erb concerning his views/explanations regarding  the subject of Austrian Economic theory, a subject I have personally studied for 20 or more years [ I'm a slow learner! :-) ], and some of which insights I try to  apply with  regards to my own Financial Safety Service  clientele ,  or with regards to my Personal Freedom clientele, Mr Erb asked me to come on his own "Faux Capitalist" radio show to make my own points. 

We talked Austrian economic theory, misconceptions I often come across regarding what it is, what it is not [in my opinion], why it can never really be "controlled opposition to benefit the powers that be" etc. etc., [as many accuse], plus the usefulness of  the central idea of Austrian theory [i.e. methodological individualism] and its broader [and very important, I believe] implications/applications with regard to other areas of an individuals life, for example with regard to financial safety, and also with regard  to conspiracy theory, and to politics in general. 

My interview can be heard here.  

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How and Why You Are Being Brainwashed by the State

[onebornfree /Freedom Network commentary:another great article from Jon Rappoport. The only point I would like to add to Mr Rapport's "how and why" is the point that it is impossible for any government to act in any other way than the way he illustrates here. If you have a government in the first place, sooner or later these types of machinations must occur, and the bigger the state becomes, the more frequently these deliberate machinations must be implemented. The question for you is: in  light of that inevitability, what can you do to protect yourself? This is where my Personal Freedom Consulting Service may be able to help an individual. Regards, onebornfree.]

Right now, of course, it’s the war on Syria. Last month, it was something else. And next month, it’ll be something else.

We’re looking at one op after another, one crime after another, one cover-up after another, one threat, one psyop after another. It never ends.

To a significant degree, all these operations are just that, planned moves. And they do concern all of us, because the scope of the operations is vast.

However, on another level, these ops are designed for the purpose of engaging all of us so that we’ll keep thinking in terms of the group (“all of us”)…and never think about anything else.

If you can tune up the population to keep thinking about the group, the collective, you’ve got them.

Hence, the title of this piece: “What concerns all of us at this time.”

But what about: what concerns NONE of us at this time.
What about that?

What about what doesn’t even exist at this time?

What about what has yet to be imagined and created?
Who handles that?

What department do you contact to find out about THAT?

Well, you can consult DARPA or any number of think-tanks or the CIA, but again, these blueprints of the future involve all of us.

I’m talking about something else:

That discredited and stepped-on and discounted faculty of the individual called imagination which, by the way, is not a container holding shielded secrets, but is instead a capability of invention.

Everything mind control ever was, is, or will be, is ultimately aimed at producing amnesia about that capability. Therefore, when you bring up the subject of imagination, most people just shake their heads and move on. They are clueless about their own astonishing power.
Being ignorant, they are easy marks. They can be cajoled into spending their whole lives thinking about “what concerns us most at this time.”

When I put together my two mega-collections, The Matrix Revealed and Exit From the Matrix, I was cognizant of this. But I also knew there were people out there who were looking for something else, something beyond group concerns that could trap them forever— concerns that build a wall between them and their own creative power.

Creative power—this “little selfish preoccupation,” as it’s been called—is the difference between night and day, civilization and chaos, desire fulfilled and victimhood, life-force and walking death, deception and insight, fierce joy and a sinkhole in which the same emotions go around and around and around.

The reason behind the reason I write about fraud and crime and conspiracy in public life is: I want to expose how reality is being built for us. How perverse designers are constructing a collective mural of existence.

Understanding that, one can begin to see how he can create other realities—without end.
It’s as if we’re living in a huge room with no ceiling and yet we’re behaving as if there is a ceiling 10 feet high. The “10- feet high” is the result of amnesia about our own imaginations.
The purpose of the collective is destruction of imagination.

But imagination can never be destroyed. All individuals can do is force themselves to stay asleep about it.

Or decide to wake up.

Reprinted with permission from Jon Rappoport’s blog.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

"If Voting Changed Anything,They'd Make It Illegal". ~ Emma Goldman

The Democracy Illusion [Emma Goldman Was Right]-Butler Shaffer

"If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal". ~ Emma Goldman
One of the more important inquiries into the nature of collective thinking and behavior was Charles Mackay’s 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Focusing on such phenomena as the South Sea Bubble, Alchemy, the Crusades, and the preoccupation with witches, Mackay provided great insight into the nature and energies associated with the herd mindset. Were he around today, Mackay could do an empirically-based treatise on the illusory character of democracy.
As much of the world watches the Egyptian military forcibly oust from office a democratically-elected President Morsi – who received 51.7% of the vote in last year’s election – even a few editorial writers are beginning to suspect that the concept of “democracy” can no more bestow legitimacy on political rule than does “divine will.”  The idea of governments arising through individual desires spontaneously coalescing into a collective structure appeals more to magical thinking than to historic evidence. Were it ever to be shown that all human behavior is genetically-determined – not just influenced but directed – you can be assured that those who want to control others will concoct a “DNA-imperative” for political rule.
Political systems are invariably grounded in the ambitions of elitist men and women who regard their interests as superior to “ordinary” people – ones they arrogantly dismiss as the “masses” or “Joe Six-Pack.” It is not enough that these elitists endeavor to secure the cooperation of others – an undertaking that is the sine qua non of a market-based social system based on trade –; they insist upon using legalized force to overcome whatever resistance others might have to their schemes. Because the state is defined as a system enjoying a monopoly on the lawful use of violence, those who regard their purposes as superior to those of their neighbors, must concoct a rationale that their victims will accept as a justification for their subject condition.
It is not enough that those who would rule others have weapons of force to back up their demands: street muggers use guns or knives with which to threaten their intended victims, but enjoy no lingering support following the crime. To create a system that can continue to be used to coerce others into obedience to the elitist demands requires the sanction of the victims; their belief that being forced to obey the dictates of others is justified by some transcendent principle. In religiously-based societies, the legitimacy of the state was explained in terms of “divine will.” During the Scientific Age, so-called “natural law” principles were invoked; while the Industrial Revolution, with its emphasis on relations based on contracts, made it easier for people to accept a “social contract” theory of political systems.
Marx’s “dialectical materialism,” Bentham’s and Mill’s cases for “utilitarianism,” or other rationales for governments, illustrate the need for the politically-minded to justify their rule by principles that go beyond the simple-minded notion “I want what I want when I want it.”  Those to be ruled must become convinced that the system to which they will be subject serves –or is justified by – some principle that transcends that of the common mugger.
That none of these theories of the state do, in fact, serve their expressed purpose is of no consequence, as long as the ruled believe that they do. What God could be so perverse as to sanction tyrannical, butcherous regimes that paraded under the banner “divine will?” To those who argue that governments violate “natural law” principles, my response has been: how can anything that exists – particularly as temporally and spatially ubiquitous as state systems – be considered unnatural?  Nor will I ever forget my jurisprudence professor, Karl Llewellyn, answering a fellow-student’s argument “what about the greatest good for the greatest number?”, with the question “what about the greatest good for the greatest guy?”

It always comes down to this: ideas are abstractions and, as such, are always subject to interpretation. The interpretations are, themselves, expressed in additional abstractions (words) that also require interpretation. This is the underlying cause of the failure of written constitutions to limit the exercise of power, and why those who argue “we must get back to the Constitution” fail to recognize that we never left it; the same words are still there! What words could more beg being interpreted than “general welfare,” “common defense,” “justice,” “reasonable” and “unreasonable,” “due process of law,” “excessive,” etc.? When constitutional cases inform us that “slaves” and “Indians” are not “persons” entitled to protection, but “corporations” are, it is evident that the underlying problem, here, has to do with interpreting the meanings of such words. The state not only enjoys a monopoly on the use of violence, it is also allowed – through powers of judicial review that are nowhere provided for in the Constitution – to interpret both the range of its powers, and the limitations thereon. It should come as no surprise to anyone paying close attention, that the state has provided itself with an ever-expanding definition of its powers, and an ever-diminishing realm of individual liberties.
This political racket has been made possible through decades of conditioning by government schools, the media, and other institutional interests, a belief in the proposition that “we” are the government; that politicians and government officials are our agents, with ourselves as principals. I suggest to people a simple way to test this notion: call up the Post Office and tell them to start making Sunday deliveries. You will quickly discover just who “the people” are who comprise “we the people,” and also learn that you are not included in the group running the machinery of the state.
“Democracy is a system in which four wolves and a sheep decide what to have for dinner.” This provides as vivid a picture as any of what underlies this rationale for collective force. But it is not a collective mindset that creates the democratic urge. The relatively small group of elitists who desire to have coercive control over the rest of mankind have employed the concept of democracy as a way of mobilizing “dark side” forces; to get people to lose their sense of individual purpose, direction, and responsibility in a collective identity (e.g., nation-state) which the elitists – using primarily schools and the media – then manipulate to serve their interests, not those of humanity in general. The common mistake most of us make is assuming that a collective impulse from ordinary people generates a demand for the creation of a democratic political system. The distinction between the drafting of The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution is instructive: the former was, in the words of Frank Chodorov, “not at all the charter of a new nation. It is a rationalization of rebellion.” The latter – produced eleven years later – was the creation of a power structure that exploited the sentiments for liberty in order to serve the interests of those with ambitions of authority over others.

As long as people embrace the illusion of democracy, they will be inclined to obey the dictates of those who control the machinery of the state. They are inclined to regard their obedience to a given mandate as only a short-term problem that can be overcome by “working within the system” to effect change. But such an attitude ignores the mechanisms in place that prevent any popular change that is contrary to the interests of the elitists. The early case of Marbury v. Madison allowed for a usurpation of authority for the Supreme Court to pass on the constitutionality of the actions of other branches of government, a power that is nowhere spelled out – or even hinted at – in the Constitution. It would probably have been fatal to ratification efforts if the Constitution had expressly provided the judicial branch with such powers.
Such an arrogation of authority has provided a barrier to efforts by ordinary people to direct the political system to ends they might value, purposes that would be contrary to elitist interests. Thus, if a majority of voters in a given state vote in favor of a referendum measure (e.g., to allow for medical use of marijuana), the courts have no difficulty in striking down such legislation as “unconstitutional.” The interests of the elitist owners of the system must prevail over the preferences of the majority!
The Egyptian people are now experiencing the fallacy of a democratically controlled political system. A man who, just one year ago, was elected president of that country by a majority of the voters, has been removed from office and held prisoner by military force. And, to make clear that any “social contract” illusions about the legitimacy of the state do not prevail in Egypt, the military has also suspended the constitution, embracing the same sentiments as former president George W. Bush who declared the U.S. Constitution to be “just a goddamned piece of paper!”
The belief that what C. Wright Mills called “the power elite” would ever be so careless or witless as to allow tens of millions of subject people to have any real control over the machinery or purposes of the state, is refuted in what passes for daily news. The treatment accorded Ron Paul in his popularly-supported efforts to make fundamental reforms in the American political system, demonstrates how desperately the elitists – along with their well-trained political and media lapdogs and toadies – insist on keeping political power where it belongs: in their hands.
The 1999 film, Election, centered on a high-school campaign for student body president, illustrates the fallacy of voter-based elections determining outcomes. In the midst of the campaign for votes between the campus butterfly and the football hero, another student – a nonconformist who sees the meaningless of what is transpiring – enters herself as a candidate. Her campaign speech at a school assembly follows that of the other twoThe honesty of her words so resonates with the entire student body, that school administrators hurriedly gather and remove her name from the ballots!

Emma Goldman got it right!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to Fix Detroit in 6 Easy Steps- by Paul Rosenberg

The news is full of stories of Detroit, and understandably so. It’s an unmitigated disaster. But I know how to fix it. Seriously, I do!
           Related article: "Detroit's Amazing Pop-Up Anarchy"

I have a plan that would cost the state of Michigan nothing – not a cent. It wouldn’t cost DC anything either, and it would turn Detroit into the most thriving city in North America. As a bonus, it would give the remaining property owners in Detroit a financial windfall.

Here’s the plan:

The federal government (in writing) forbears taxes, regulations, laws, and impositions for a hundred years to the area of the current municipality of Detroit and to all persons and commercial entities resident there.

The government of the state of Michigan forbears taxes, regulations, laws, and impositions for a hundred years to the area of the current municipality of Detroit and to all persons and commercial entities resident there.

All municipal government agencies within Detroit are disbanded.

All state and federal offices within the city of Detroit are disbanded.

The federal government guarantees that entry and exit to/from Detroit will remain unchanged from the current conditions, and that no obligations will be placed upon residents of Detroit in any other place.

Federal and state governments immediately cease all payments to residents of Detroit. (They may resume payment to those persons if and when they are no longer resident in Detroit.)

The final legal document would be more complex than this, but those are all  the main points necessary.
What this plan does is to return Detroit to its natural state – to the way it was managed when the first settlers arrived. (In other words, not managed at all.)
And think of the money that will be saved by Michigan and the feds. Billions per year.
And Then…
And then we have a free for all… and a good one. Think of Hong Kong, but easy to get to.
Businesses would begin to relocate the next morning. Hundreds of them, thousands of them. The people who still owned and lived in their homes would be offered lots of money for their properties.
Libertarians and conservatives, disgusted by the gang in DC, would load up and drive to Detroit.  

Productive former residents would return. Thousands of opportunity-seekers, anarcho-capitalists, and pot-smoking hippies would be gathering their money and buying property.

Detroit would, within only a few years, become the coolest city on the planet – by FAR.

But, But…

“But there won’t be any police!”
“There won’t be any courts!”
“It will be non-stop murder, death, and mayhem!”
You wanna bet? Do ya? (And you don’t think Detroit has non-stop mayhem already?)
The people who come to Detroit would be coming to escape from their chains and to be productive. These are precisely the kinds of people who clean up a town. And with no taxes to pay for a hundred years, they’d have plenty of extra money to spend on whatever services (security or otherwise) that they wanted.
The Truth
The truth, of course, is that the state and fed guvs will never agree to a plan like this one, for a single reason:
Because they fear it would succeed.
They’ll let every last person in Detroit rot before they’ll let a group of producers live free of their chains.
Detroit returned to its natural state would expose the great lie of the government game – that we can’t survive without them.
Paul Rosenberg

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Doctor Is Going To Kill You- by James Altucher

"Do you ever have one of those dreams where you are farting really loudly but you are thinking, “well, at least I’m not crapping in my pants” but then you realize it’s not a dream and you actually are farting in real life in bed and then you hear, to your horror, your spouse move even further to the other side of the bed?

Because it’s this very thing that makes me afraid of the dark. When the lights are out and I’m about to go to sleep. The day has died and there is nothing left to squeeze from it.
There”s just that fear.
Will I wake up farting.
If your spouse loves you she’ll think it’s “cute”. Or at least that’s what she will say. And then she will try really hard to forget it. I hope that’s true. I hope she thinks I’m cute.
Phew. Don’t worry. Here’s a worse fear. Don’t read further if you don’t want the truth.
Your doctor is going to kill you.
When you’re sick people say all the time, “oh, no problem, just go to the doctor”. Those “friends” who say that want you to die.
Here’s the sick truth. The truth about sickness. 
- Alcohol Abuse. In a study done on the American College of Surgeons, 15% of male surgeons and 25% of female surgeons suffered from alcohol abuse and dependence. And a significant portion reported having errors during surgery in the prior three months because of this dependence.
I was at a dinner once and part of the topics being discussed in dinner was my opposition to sending kids to school. Someone who worked for Mayor Bloomberg asked me, “would you ever want to be operated on by someone who didn’t go to medical school” .
My answer is “yes”. If you want to be safe, it turns out, be operated on by someone who is male, who has children, and who specializes in operating on veterans. For some reason, these are the people least likely to be drunk while operating on you. I don’t know why.
- Malpractice. Johns Hopkins has done a bunch of studies on this. 98,000 people a year die from mistakes doctors make. Either a mistake in surgery or a mistake in a prescription or some other weird mistake. One study showed that if you randomly pull 100 medical charts, 40 will contain evidence of doctor errors.
- Fake medical degrees. At least 5000 doctors operating in the United States today have fake medical degrees. Don’t believe me? Google “buy a fake medical degree” and you can be operating within a matter of weeks in your basement.
And it makes perfect sense. Some “medical schools” located offshore have “virtual simulators”. You can practice surgery while sitting in your bathroom with your laptop!
- Doctors hate you and they hate their lives.
On average, one doctor a day kills himself. Despite what you hear about lawyers, doctors actually have the highest suicide rate according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
It’s even worse among female doctors. You think they like looking at you with your clothes off? You’re disgusting.

The suicide rate among female doctors is 2.3x the national average. When they cut open that body and see what we’re really made of they think: “this is just hopeless”.
- Doctors are obese. There’s nothing wrong with being obese. But it will kill you. And doctors know that.
Obesity causes everything from diabetes to heart attacks to strokes and is linked to early onset of Alzheimer’s. And yet, doctors have a death wish. 53% of doctors, despite knowing all of this, are obese. And you put yourself in their care.
Why should it matter if doctors are obese? In a sample of patients who are overweight, only 7% of the overweight doctors would diagnose their patients as overweight. As opposed to over 90% of the doctors who were not overweight.
- If you get sick right now, you’re screwed. In medical circles (trust me, I’m a doctor) it’s known as the “July Effect”.
Doctors go on vacation in July. So interns become residents and residents pretend to be the real doctors. Deaths from surgery and malpractice skyrocket in July. I hope you don’t get sick this month.
- Bad handwriting. You know how the doctor prescribes this weird thing to you and you think, “how can anyone read that” but for some reason you trust that your pharmacist has this supernatural power to read doctor’s handwriting? Well… he doesn’t.
Over 7000 deaths a year occur because the pharmacist couldn’t decipher the prescription and gave you an overdose of some weird chemotherapy pill instead of viagra.
Claudia asked me the other day if she thought I would die before her. I know the answer already. The answer is “no”. Because I never go to the doctor. She goes to various doctors throughout the year. So I’ve just eliminated the leading cause of death.
Now I’m going to get a fake medical degree. Because the next time someone asks me what I do for a living I’m going to tell them the simple truth:
“I save lives”. " 
By James Altucher on July 9, 2013
Reprinted with permission from The Altucher Confidental

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out"- by Paul Rosenberg

[ onbornfree/ and Freedom Network  commentary: another great article from Mr Rosenberg, plenty of good and inspiring advice here, I believe. If you would like to discuss with me any of the points/issues he raises here  with me, let me know. We could either "Skype" or talk face to face somewhere convenient- regards, onebornfree.]

"This was a big phrase in the 1960s, as young people turned away from the corporate conformity of the 1950s and decided that they wanted more out of life than being an adequately-fed cog in a big machine.

Let’s be honest and admit that the modern corporate script involves selling your own wishes and dreams for paychecks. I know that a lot of us have played along with it because of necessity, but this is not a way of life to cling to, it’s a way of life to escape.
You are meant to live your life. Yes, I know it can seem hard, but it’s the only life that’s really worth living. You have to give meaning to your life, and you’ll never get it by following the televised script and hoping for pats on the back from the people who are playing along with you.
This life you have is precious. Human beings are engines of creation; we are able to imagine and to turn our imaginations into reality. And we are capable of supercharging our creative abilities by sharing our lives and loves with other people. We are astonishingly capable creatures.
Don’t waste all your life’s abilities in a corporate cubicle. You’ve already seen how that goes: Work excessive hours, go home tired, watch TV, sleep, and start over. Your kids end up in mini corporate worlds called “schools,” where they are taught to sit, be quiet, obey, and turn off their internal desires and loves. If you play that game you’ll miss most of your life in the process, as well as most of your children’s lives.
Once you get some corporate inertia going, it is all too easy to get sucked into it permanently. Don’t let that happen to you.
So, here’s my modern (and slightly adjusted) interpretation – Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out:
Tune In
Wake up and see the world as it is. Turn off the talking heads on TV and get to know the real world. Stop spending all your brain cycles on celebrities, sports heroes and gossip hounds – get to know your neighbor and the old woman who lives around the corner, strike up a friendship with someone on the other side of the world. Travel. Spend your time with real people; get to know them, and reveal yourself to them. It only seems weird because the people who programmed you didn’t want you to think freely.
Do you think I am being dramatic by referring to “the people who programmed you”? If so, read this:
Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished.
That was from the highly esteemed Bertrand Russel, by the way, and I’ve got plenty more of them. Take this seriously, because your programmers have been.
Tune in to yourself rather than your programming: What do you really want? Most people can list a dozen things that bother them, but not a single thing that they really want. This is a problem. Find out what you want. What do you love? What do you want to work for?
Do you remember all those times in the Bible where Jesus berates people for being “hypocrites”? Well, the real word he used was actors – as in stage actors. And whether you are religious or not, this is crucial: Stop acting in someone else’s play. Take off all the masks and find yourself.
Turn On
Start doing what you love. Don’t wait for someone else, do it yourself. Start helping your friends and neighbors, spend serious time with your children – not at a game or a party, but just you and them, talking. Find out what they love. Tell them what you love, what you are proud of, what you regret. Tell them you love them. Tell them things you don’t tell your friends. Let them know you.
Start living, not merely existing. DO the things you feel an urge to do. And don’t fall into the usual trap of “what if I make a mistake?” That’s simply fear-based conditioning. Resist it. Do what you love, and in so doing, you will turn yourself on.
Are you going to go through your whole life and never follow your own wishes, always sacrificing them to the tyranny of other peoples’ opinions? Please don’t do that to yourself – you’ll suffer greatly for it when you’re old.
Screw all the expectations and turn on – act on your own will.
Drop Out
Stop wasting your time and energy on governments and arguments and politics. Drop out of their mindset and start reclaiming all those wasted hours. Lying politicians are simply not worth your devotion. Drop the endless party fights and stop arguing about them. Politics is ugly, and politics on the brain makes us ugly.
Stop paying attention to the hundreds of ads you see every day – they are scientifically designed to grab your thoughts. Turn away. Stop buying trendy things, and definitely stop buying things for the purpose of impressing other people.
Stop trying to fit in, and stop living according to other people’s expectations. Let them call you weird. Let them talk about you. Stop caring about it. If they were real friends, they wouldn’t treat you like that. So if they are willing to call you names, you’re better off dropping them now.
Don’t fight the system – that just keeps all of your energy and attention focused on them. Forsake the system and start creating a better life for yourself, the people you love and the people you respect. Stop giving all your life’s energy to a barbaric system of force and manipulation.
Let the system go; all of it. Move on and let it rot where it sits.
But We Need A Plan!
No, you don’t. You need a life!
Let go of the plan addiction. Life is organic, not mechanical.
First of all, you need to identify what you want to create with the precious life you’ve been given. Not what you want to stop, but what you want to make.
If you’ve never been told to do this before it may seem hard, but you can do it if you try.
Don’t sit and wait. Stop talking and start doing.