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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts No. 110- Sept. 9th 2019

The September 11th. 2001 "Terrorist Attacks" Scam:

Obf sez:  three days from now [09/11/19] it will be the 18th anniversary of one of the biggest US government psyops of modern times, that is, the alleged "terrorist attacks on America" carried out on September 11th, 2001.  This  edition of the my scam alerts will  therefor cover only that subject, and only the research of one particular individual, Simon Shack. 

I first discovered his 9/11 research by accident, back in 2007. By late 2008, after a whole lot of back and forth arguments, both with myself and with others, and after many months of twice daily [on average] visits to forums at his original website [its now moved here ]  I was firmly convinced that Simon's assertions about MSM's visual records of those alleged events were correct,  that is, that all of the imagery that was "live" broadcast by the 5 US MSM stations [ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC] was in fact 100% fake imagery made in a studio on computer [ "computer generated imagery",or "C.G.I."] prior to 9/11, then broadcast as fake "live"imagery on the morning of 9/11, including all imagery showing Fl.175 striking WTC2, and all imagery showing the destructions of WTCs 1, 2, and 7, and all "post crash" imagery of the Pentagon scene. 

Fake Victims:

Not only that, Simon and associates further research discovered that most, and very possibly all, of the alleged 3,000 victims appear to  be fake persons that never even existed, complete with fake, heavily "photo-shopped"  portraits at the memorial websites, fake family members, and fake bios. 

March 4th 2018- Simon Shacks YouTube Channel Deleted!

By now, some of you might have seen the last [2008] updated version of Simon's main video about 9/11 , called "September Clues". For years Simon had maintained his own YouTube channel to present "September Clues"and his other associated research to a wider audience.

 However on March 4th 2018, his entire channel was deleted with no notice, no explanation, and with no outstanding violations. This took place a full 5 months  BEFORE the great YouTube purge is generally considered to have started [ August 2018]with the removal of the so-called "big name" channels of Alex Jones [ "InfoWars"+"Prison Planet"] from YouTube. 

Here's a link to "September Clues" at  the main "September Clues" site: where you can view both the video and the research forums which contain thousands of posts concerning the 9/11 research done by Simon and many other very astute, very observant,and very intelligent individuals. 

Since YouTube purged Simon Shacks channel in 2018, it has been harder to find some of his other 9/11 "September Clues" related videos - all of which are well worth tracking down and closely watching. After some research on my part,  I  managed to  track down/embed here  a few of Simons other, lesser known [but equally important] "September Clues" series videos, which is what this current post is mostly dedicated to, with regards to the general subject of 9/11.

Enjoy!    Regards, obf
September Clues: "Synched Out":

This video analysis of the 5 US MSM TV stations coverage from the beginning to the point up to where Fl.175 struck WTC2, shows that when when synched time-wise, an approximately 3 second difference in the time the plane allegedly hit is revealed

September Clues Amateur  part 3:

This analysis demonstrates that all of the alleged intrepid, "on the spot, right place right time amateur" video footage of Fl.175 hitting WTC2 is fake footage manufactured on computers:
September Clues "Nosed Out":
This analysis of the famous "live" Fox5 footage of Fl.175's "argument" with WTC2 reveals the fraudulence of the entire sequence:

Alternate "Nosed Out" link here

"September Clues 2008 Part C"
As Simon points out: " Flawless virtual reality is still not a reality", as you will learn here:

"September Clues WTC7 Study": 

This study shows the complete fraudulence of all of the various existing videos depicting the collapse of WTC7:

"September Clues 911 PROPAGANDA":

[ No description necessary-the title speaks for itself.]

"September Clues - Chopped Out":
Starring, strange backward moving helicopters, "live"on TV! [so it must be real!]:

"September Clues- Addendum":
Featuring even more, celebrated, "heroic", 9/11 photographic liars, like this guy:

"September Clues Epilogue":

"September Clues The Grand TV Illusion":
More "live" 9/11 TV fakery exposed:

"September Clues -The 9 11 Synthetic Scenes"

This analysis exposes some of the other,perhaps less well known, fake "live"scenes concocted for the "live"9/11 TV extravaganza:

"September Clues SOME BIRDS":

Starring a flock of birds performing amazing cross-screen feats of instantaneous, doubling of speed,  acceleration ! "Live!"[Cripes!, it doesn't get any better than this, does it? ]:

"September Clues FOXED OUT part2":

More thoughts from Simon on Fox5's glaring "in yer face", "nose out" fakery error and [later] attempted cover-up of that error in their on-line official archives:


A good introductory video presentation [not made by Mr Shack, but largely based on his original research], about the alleged 3,000 odd victims, most of whom appear to have never existed. For more details on the 9/11"vicsims", go here:


The Operation Northwoods Scam:

[obf sez: 
 For those who still cling to the official 9/11 story and believe that it was/is impossible for their government to have planned an "inside job", the bare facts of the US government's now declassified, never implemented, 1962 Operation Northwoods scheme, complete with proposed fake plane flights, fake passengers, fake deaths/ and funerals, plus deliberate murder of US citizens, as revealed in this video, might get them to reconsider their own position vis a vis the claimed events of 9/11.]:


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