Sunday, November 5, 2006

CNN's "The New Rules For Real Estate", Versus Reality, A.K.A. Investment Rule Number 1

CNN's "The New Rules For Real Estate", Versus Reality, A.K.A. Investment Rule Number 1

Recently brought to my attention : CNN's investment/real estate "experts" claim to be able to predict future nationwide areas of growth,no growth etc. etc. in the real estate markets:

CNN article here:

My comments: It is a myth that the future performance of ANY market can be accurately predicted. Investment rule number 1[which applies to all investing, in all areas] is that the future is unknowable- so any free CNN article by "experts", like the one linked to [or even one written by the author of say, a $1000 per year financial newsletter], and that claims to know in advance which areas of the country will be growth and which no growth for real -estate [ it might just as easily be about stocks, bonds, or commodities etc.] is completely out of touch with the reality of rule number one. Simply put, its garbage.

Sensible real-world saving and investing for the future _must_ start with an admission of the reality of rule number 1 and an allowance for the consequences of that reality, otherwise, you are speculating with your money[ie gambling], not investing.

It is easy to set up a simple, balanced plan for long-term savings that is is immune to unpredictable future economic events such as inflation, deflation and recession, while managing to average gains of between 7-9% over the rate of inflation, and which needs no monitoring on your part , apart from a once per year re-adjustment of percentage allocations per investment catagory. This plan has been used successfully for 20 years. If you would like more information and a chart of the plans 20 year plus results, please go here: