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The IndyMac Bank Bailout-Federal Reserve "Hush Money"

Article: The IndyMac Bank Bailout-Federal Reserve "Hush Money"

The article states: "The $4 billion that the FDIC will pay to a handful of depositors at IndyMac is hush money. It is paid to them to silence every other depositor in the country. "Don’t spread rumors about any insolvent bank." Why not? "Because, in a fractionally reserved system, all of them are technically insolvent." They are all borrowed short and lent long....." To read rest of article go to:

My Comments

Mr North's article points out/explains why the IndyMac bank failed ,and the inherent problems of the US banking system in general, which is good ,as far as it goes. That inherent instability is something you need to be aware of, in my opinion.

Mr North's + Others Predictions vs Your Own, and Suggested Protections

However, whether you believe the entire US banking system is headed for imminent collapse or not, [ Mr North does not] , or, like Mr North you believe that _more _ banks will fail in the near future, possibly including your own, I would like to say that as a financial safety advisor I know of several simple ways of protecting yourself against either events, without any drastic changes in either your lifestyle or in you banking habits, and without relying on dubious FDIC "insurance" either.

Good News:

Briefly, I can show you how to protect yourself against either a total or partial banking system collapse , so that in the future you do not have to worried about the accuracy or inaccuracy of Mr North's or others predictions of impending doom, or of general prosperity.

Bad News:

This information is not cheap, that is unless you value safety _and_ piece of mind!

Mr North's Other Predictions

Outside of banking system issues, Mr North makes 2 other main predictions:

[1] that inflation [i.e. a continued decline in the per unit purchasing power of the US $] will continue: "This could be a year away. This could be a month away. All we know is this: when the Federal Reserve system runs out of Treasury debt to sell, its purchase of all assets will be inflationary. The banking system as a whole is protected. What is not protected is the purchasing power of the dollar. .."

[2] Higher Interest Rates :

"What is likely in a scenario of failing banks is the increasing loss of public confidence in the private capital markets. When that happens, the rush to buy Treasury debt, which means the rush to hand over our economic future is to the United States Congress, will lead to the de-capitalization of the private companies that increase our standard of living..."

So he is saying that there will be a flight to short term government debt [i.e 90 T-bills] and a flight _from_ privately issued debt instruments, [corporate bonds etc], which will put an upward pressure on interest rates as businesses compete with the government and other businesses , by offering higher rates of return than their competitors [i.e. at the extreme: "junk" bond offerings] :

My Predictions.

I don't make predictions about the certainty or uncertainty of future economic events, whether they be for inflation,deflation, bank crisis or economic booms ahead, simply because I do not believe that I, or anyone else, including Mr North, can accurately forecast these or other events with any consistency.

FACT: Do not fool yourself. It is impossible to predict either future inflation, or deflation, or anything else, for any market, ever. Don't even try- unless you are gambling with money you can afford to lose. But for long term savings- forget it. And don't be foolish enough to believe any "advisor" or "economic forecaster" either, when it comes to betting with money you cannot afford to lose!

To do so is to be suffering under delusions of grandeur, as far as I'm concerned, or you are choosing to be lulled into a false sense of security regarding some "experts" supposed infallible prediction record.

In Mr North's particular case , as far as I can see his attraction to the field of economic forecasting is also the direct result of fatal misunderstandings or ignorance of certain principles of both general Austrian Human Action theory and of Austrian economic and monetary theory in particular, as I understand them, and of which, like myself he is a supposedly a student of.

[ I _will_ predict that, based both on his past record of so doing, and on his general psychology/belief system, Mr North will continue to make predictions like these .]

Your Choice

So if you freely choose to believe Mr North, or someone else's predictions for banks, the economy, inflation or for anything else, bet with money you can afford to lose, should you be lucky enough to have any.

The Big Secret-Simple, General Protection From Mr North's and Others Gloomy [or Sunny]Predictions is Available For You!.


The big secret that investment advisors do not want you to know is that it is not necessary to have to predict _any_future economic events in order for your long-term savings to safely grow. You do not have make predictions yourself, nor do you need rely on the supposed forecasting abilities of any "investment advisor" ever again!

Simple,Self- Managed, Self- Insured Protection For Your Money

I can show you a simple, self-managed, self-insured protection plan with a 30 year + established success record, for your savings to be made safe from these types of supposed impending financial catastrophe, and from others unseen at this time, allowing you more free time to persue activities you really enjoy,[eg movies, reading, sex, fishing etc.] and removing the time and worry of the impossible, never ending game of "what is happening and what is going to happen to the economy, and how will it effect me according to Mr. so and so" .

Bad News: as I mentioned with regard to banking protection information:"this information is not cheap, that is unless you value safety _and_ piece of mind!

So if you believe more free time and a lot less worrying about the future of your bank or of the economy are items worth having, contact me via the comments section of this blog, or e-mail me at : and leave me your e-mail address so that I may get back into you ASAP.

100% Money back guarantee on all services offered!

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9/11- No Planes Hit WTC 1& 2, or The Pentagon, and Most Likely, Explosives Did Not Bring Down the Towers

9/11- No Planes Hit WTC 1& 2, or The Pentagon, and Most Likely, Explosives Did Not Bring Down the Towers

No Planes?

Since around 2002 I've known that no plastic nosed, aluminum skin plane is capable of hitting the Pentagon and puncturing a series of holes through 3-5 concentric rings of concrete, each ring with 5 feet thick reinforced concrete walls - or how ever many rings and walls it is claimed were penetrated by said plane.

Since early 2007, based on review of the photographic evidence of the post event damage, I've known that explosives detonations such as thermite or thermate in no way explain the many highly unusual types of post collapse damage on record, and are no more than a convenient explanation for those unwilling to try to investigate and account for this unusual damage to the buildings themselves, and cars, trucks, etc. in the vicinity.

And around three months ago, after a lot of photo examination and thought, I've reached , I suppose ,the inevitable conclusion that no planes hit the WTC 1+2 buildings either.

Planes Through Buildings- Scientifically Impossible

Briefly, no planes hit the 2 towers, It is scientifically impossible for a plastic nose plane with a thin aluminum skin, traveling at a maximum possible speed of 250mph**, to literally cut through a 500.000 ton building made of reinforced concrete and steel to the point that the whole plane disappears inside the building in one piece, without parts[ e.g. engine, wings, tail], falling off at the moment of impact and then falling to the ground directly below the so-called entry hole.

** [half the speed given in the official US govmt. 911 report, by the way- 747's and similar can only fly at 550mph at 35,000 feet, where the air is much thinner, at 600 ft, the wings would be blown off by the air pressure at anything above around 250mph.
], ]

Fake Videos

The famous video of the whole plane [flight 175] hitting WTC 2 and disappearing inside the building in one piece is therefor a fake. [ It was never aired live, contrary to what you might think, but came on the air at least 7 minutes after the supposed 2nd. strike].

This also means that the famous Naudet brothers video, which was not aired until the 12th Sept. is also a fake, as it to shows an entire plane [or more accurately, a "plane like object"] disappearing in one piece inside WTC1.

Fake Plane Entry Holes

Judging by the damage to the remaining girders within the 2 "entry" holes circumferences [e.g. steel girders cut straight through, girders bent outwards, lack of plane parts etc.], explosives were probably used to make the fake "plane- entry" holes in both WTC1 & 2.

Towers Brought Down With Direct Energy Weapons[DEW]?

Based on the evidence available [ collapse time, top to bottom collapse sequence, and most importantly ,post collapse damage to remaining building parts, damage to surrounding ground , damage to automobiles etc.], what probably brought the 2 main WTC buildings down was something called "Direct Energy Weapons" [DEW], which can reduce both concrete and steel to dust.

These types of weapons leave a very definite signature when used, a signature which is found time and time again within the debris of the WTC and surrounding area.

The unusual types of damage are simply not consistent with the use of explosives as far as I'm aware.


No planes :

Fake Plane Videos:

Video "September Clues" part 1:

Direct Energy Weapons :

[Types of] Damage Anomalies at the WTC: