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The Immigration Scam- by Harry Browne


                           The Immigration Scam 
                                        by Harry Browne

 "....Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it’s important to understand that the real issue isn’t freedom for immigrants – it’s your freedom.

Immigrants will continue to stream into this country, legally or illegally, so long as there’s a Welcome Wagon waiting at the border – offering free education, free health care, free welfare and a free lunch. We need to put the Welcome Wagon out of business, so only people looking for freedom will want to come here.

Until then, no law, no policy, no border patrol will stop the flood of illegals.

Whose freedom is at stake?:

Meanwhile, new laws to limit immigration will affect you considerably. You may think those laws will keep America pure, but they will succeed only in taking more of your liberty.

Think about it. How will the government root out people who are in this country illegally? By checking their papers, of course.

But how do they know whose papers to check? They don’t. So they’ll have to check everyone’s papers – including yours.

That means more invasions of your privacy, higher taxes, more corruption in law enforcement. The police will be allowed to stop you at will and ask for your identity card – and to search your property without a warrant, checking your car or home to see if you’re harboring illegals. Your employer will have to take more of the money available for wages and divert it to filling out forms and complying with bureaucratic inspections. The red tape also will add to the prices of the things you buy.

And all the while, the people you thought you were keeping out will continue to show up to tend your yard and wash dishes at the local restaurants.


Why should you be afraid of immigrants?

Is it because you fear losing your job to one?

You could lose your job as easily to an American who’s more talented, willing to work harder, or willing to work for less. And if your company can’t hire the best, most cost-effective employees, it could lose customers to competitors and go out of business.

Your security depends most on your willingness to do the best job possible. Until you learn that, you’ll live in fear of all sorts of competition.

Jobs and higher wages don’t come from restricting the supply of labor – either through immigration laws, labor unions, or government regulation. Better jobs and higher wages come from investments in tools, machines, training, and technology that make workers more productive.

The more a worker can produce, the more revenue to his employer. Part of that increased revenue always finds its way into the employee’s paycheck because the employer doesn’t want to lose well-trained workers to competitors.

Immigrants don’t hog the jobs. Their presence increases the demand for labor, and they help to meet that demand.


Are you afraid American culture will be diluted by too many foreigners among us? Don’t be.

We no longer have a unique American culture. Our nation has become more and more like the rest of the world – where everyone’s life is run by a government rulebook.

The non-political elements of our culture – such as music, sports, and fast food – have already spread to the rest of the world. And our political policies – regarding government, taxes, and individual freedom – are already duplicates of the Old World. Our politicians tell us how we should live our lives, imposing suffocating taxes and regulation, and our individual liberties are always sacrificed for the benefit of the Fatherland.

More immigrants would want to become Americanized if America were the distinctive country it once was.

Futility of laws:

The arguments about immigration overlook one critical fact: No matter what the politicians say or do, the immigrants keep coming. The volume hasn’t changed noticeably in decades.

The real changes that occur are the impositions on your liberty. And that’s what you should be concerned about.

Every new policy will, in one way or another, further reduce your liberties, reduce the percentage of your earnings you can keep, reduce the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

On the other hand, ending the pretense of closed borders and tight immigration would lower your taxes, restore some of your privacy, reduce the costs of many products and services you buy and increase the demand for your services.

Freedom is the issue:

Political promises to keep America free of the great unwashed masses are just one more political scam – a subterfuge by which to steal more of your freedom.

And trying to limit immigration is an admission that the welfare state is a failure.

It is a confession that America is no longer the most prosperous country in the world – no longer a country so big, so free, and so open-handed that it can accommodate anyone in the world who wants to come here and work to improve his life.

A free and prosperous society has no fear of anyone entering it. But a welfare state is scared to death of every poor person who tries to get in and every rich person who tries to get out.

From :

Regards, onebornfreeatyahoodotcom

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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.24] - Nov. 26th, 201

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.24] - Nov. 26th, 2017

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic" H.L. Mencken

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin

The War On [Some] Drugs Scam:

[ obf sez: these days, the Coast Guard is "just" the overseas, nautical arm of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency {D.E.A.}].

"Mendoza had no way of knowing that her husband was still alive. He had departed Jaramijó because his family needed money so desperately that he had accepted a job smuggling cocaine off the coast of Ecuador. But deep in the Pacific, Arcentales and the other fishermen he traveled with were stopped not by pirates or vigilantes but by the United States Coast Guard, deployed more than 2,000 miles from U.S. shores to trawl for Andean cocaine. Over the past six years, more than 2,700 men like Arcentales have been taken from boats suspected of smuggling Colombian cocaine to Central America, to be carried around the ocean for weeks or months as the American ships continue their patrols. These fishermen-turned-smugglers are caught in international waters, or in foreign seas, and often have little or no understanding of where the drugs aboard their boats are ultimately bound. Yet nearly all of these boatmen are now carted from the Pacific and delivered to the United States to face criminal charges here, in what amounts to a vast extraterritorial exertion of American legal might.........":

The Financial and Economic Predictions Scam:

"....What’s Next? This time is not different. All we have done since 2008 is rinse and repeat. We replaced the housing bubble with Everything Bubble. The bubbles will soon start popping all over the world............2018 might very well turn out to be the year when the house of cards collapses again."

[obf sez: AN UNFORTUNATE FACT: no person/system/computer program can reliably/consistently predict future economic events, nor the future price/worth of anything. If you'd like to learn how to protect your own savings against losses of an unknowable future, see:

The Vaccination Scam:

"Welcome to the Australian state of Victoria, where the minister of health, Jill Hennessy, has just put all doctors under the gun.

Vaccinating every child has become so important to Hennessey, she’s declared that a doctor who writes an exemption will be ignored. In fact, that doctor, by implication, will be considered “rogue.”

He could have his license to practice stripped. He could be prosecuted. He could be denied a way to earn a living......":

The US Navy [National Defense] Scam:

[obf sez: Collisions and corruption everywhere!  "Do repeated Navy collisions suggest a systemic problem?" the article asks. Nah, just throw more money at them- that'll fix everything, guaranteed. It worked before, right? On the other hand, if you enjoy photos of  Navy ship collisions, more money would probably mean even _more_ collisions , so more enjoyment for you :-)  ].

"....In total, the 7th Fleet has clocked up five major non-combat incidents in 2017 involving ships and an additional two involving aircraft, including Wednesday's crash in the Philippine Sea of a plane taking personnel to the Reagan....."

"...Corruption scandal
The Navy's operational problems can be tackled, argue experts. But that is without contending with the biggest corruption scandal in US naval history.
The ongoing scandal has seen 20 current and former Navy officials charged so far in a fraud and bribery investigation stretching across Asia....." 0:30 / 4:04

The Communism/Socialism/ Collectivism Scam:

".....Well, here at the centenary of communism, the number “100” is fitting, given that 100 million is a good stab at the number of people annihilated by the Marxist-Leninist pathology the Bolsheviks sought to spread worldwide.

The Harvard University Press classic, The Black Book of Communism, endeavored to tabulate a communist death toll in the 20th century. It came up with a figure of 100 million. The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation also arrives at that figure. Cal-Berkeley professor Martin Malia aptly noted that the communist record offers the “most colossal case of political carnage in history."

And even then, this frightening number — 100 million dead — is actually quite conservative...."

Commercial break! : 

My own arrangement/ interpretation of a "Wizard of Oz" classic song " [ imagery courtesy of Barack Obama's bombing of Libya]:

The Net "Neutrality" Scam:

The TSA Scam:

Abolish The TSA As Soon As Possible.
The FDA/AMA/ DEA/ Big Pharma Scam:

" seems politically foolish for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in the midst of its own opioid crisis, which has wrought hundreds of thousands of deaths, laid waste to the life prospects of millions, and lined the pockets of its unscrupulous partner corporations, to issue a warning against the use of a natural herb that combats opioid dependence, eliminates drug withdrawal, and kills pain. ..."

The I.R.A. [Individual Retirement Account] Scam:

".... The bottom line when it comes to retirement is that you're on your own. The vehicles and the promises you've been given are proving woefully insufficient to fund the "retirement" dream you've been sold your whole life..."

obf sez: AN UNFORTUNATE FACT: no person/system/computer program can reliably/consistently predict future economic events, nor the future price/worth of anything. If you'd like to learn how to protect your own savings against losses of an unknowable future, see:

"5 Unbelievably Stupid Ideas Governments Actually Tried"

How about "nuking the moon"?

The Constitution/Bill of Rights Scam:

"It has been over one month since the latest dangerous piece of legislation meant to infringe on Americans’ constitutional rights was introduced, and Congress is now moving forward with the bill that will have serious ramifications for all Americans by blatantly violating the freedoms guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment if it becomes law.

The USA Liberty Act has passed the House Judiciary Committee by a vote of 27-8, and as Congressman Justin Amash noted, all privacy advocates should be concerned about the overwhelming support the bill is receiving from Congress.

“The Liberty Act passed committee 27-8. It allows the government to search our private data without a warrant—in violation of the 4th Amendment,” Amash wrote on Twitter. “It’s another bill, like the Freedom Act, that furthers violations of our rights under the guise of protecting our rights.”............."

The 9/11 Scam:

[obf sez:  Apart from the fact that Silverstein is indeed set to receive another $95 million, much in this article is dead wrong:

1] For one thing, the picture heading the article {shown above} is fake. The portrait of Silverstein, although obviously pasted into the picture, is at the same time the only part of the whole that is in any way truthful [although itself probably photo-shopped ]. Nevertheless, every other part of the picture, that is: [i.e. foreground, background, Twin towers, all buildings, plane, smoke, sky etc. etc. ], is false, a digital composite. In other words, if the Silverstein portrait was removed, the entire picture would still be wholly fake. See : , and, of course:

2] The "live" video of WTC7's collapse that is used in the article, just like every other "live" video of that same alleged event, [and also of the Twin towers collapses, and of the two prior alleged plane strikes into those towers], is also a 100% video composite, pre-constructed on computer prior to 9/11 and then broadcast as being live imagery on 9/11:

See also:  "World Trade Center Building 7 - Real Vs Fake"

N.B. Posts covering the same subject matter of any of the subjects covered above [and others too]can be viewed at: LibertyHQ


[obf disclaimer: links to any other authors articles or videos are not necessarily  full endorsements of all of the views/positions of the individuals or organizations concerned .]

[obf sez: if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk: email: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom.   I can also often be reached at a forum here ].

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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.23] - Nov. 19th, 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.23] - Nov. 19th, 2017 

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic"   

H.L. Mencken

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!"  George Carlin

The 9/11 Victims ["Vicsims"] Scam:

Obf reality check:  everyone of the "real" faces depicted below is in fact an artificial creation [ i.e. wholly computer generated], demonstrating to you just how easy it is these days to create wholly faked personas:

Fig. 1: some recently created [2017] entirely computer generated portraits of not-existing-in-the-the-physical-world,"people".  For image source, see article linked below. [click on image to enlarge].

"Photo evidence and video evidence has been relied on in academia, science, courts of law and elsewhere to prove or refute facts and theories – but those days are coming to an end. We live in an historic era. Technological advances in the realm of computers and AI are taking place so rapidly that our world is being changed overnight. Now, software has been written that allows computers to create new faces that look like normal unique people but which are actually composite amalgams; to literally create and fabricate objects (from a basic sketch) and render them so lifelike that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the fabricated ones and the real ones; and to remove entire objects from video footage in real-time, and render in the empty space so well that it is undetectable to the eye. The days of being able to trust photo evidence and video evidence are disappearing – and the implications for human knowledge are far reaching....":

obf comment: "So what has this got to do with 9/11" you might ask. "This article [ linked above] is "only about recent developments", you might  say; and maybe also:  " this technology was not around in 2001" , [or similar] you might claim.

Oh, but it was, dear reader, it was. Not as sophisticated, granted, but the  basic idea and software/programming etc. was both available and heavily utilized by the 9/11 perps, to the extent that most, even possibly all of the alleged 9/11 victims were in fact 100% artificial creations, complete with faked photos in the on-line memorials, fake bios, fake relatives etc. etc.  


The FDA/ AMA/"Big Pharma" Scam:

"...“…appropriately prescribed prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death…About 330,000 patients die each year from prescription drugs in the US and Europe.”

“They [the drugs] cause an epidemic of about 20 times more [6.6 million per year] hospitalizations, as well as falls, road accidents, and about 80 million [per year] medically minor problems such as pains, discomforts, and dysfunctions that hobble productivity or the ability to care for others.”

“Deaths from overmedication, errors, and self-medication would increase these figures.”

In other words, the 330,000 deaths per year, the 6.6 million hospitalizations per year, and the 80 million “medically minor” problems per year…all of this stems from CORRECTLY PRESCRIBED medicines......":

"Medical destruction: It’s not just opioids"

 The Prostitution Scam:

"Who owns our bodies? I think that we do.

Therefore, once we're, say, 18, we ought to have the right to rent our bodies to someone else.

But we don't. Women who do that get arrested. So do their customers.

I refer to prostitution, of course. Sex work is a better term. Under any name, it's illegal in America, except in eight counties in Nevada......":

"Legalize Sex Work"

The "Necessity" of Governments Scam:

"Why are governments so interested in breaking up monopolies? To protect the biggest monopoly of all, the government.

The American people are skilled mental gymnasts. They can totally agree that monopolies in the private sector are bad. But monopolies on defense, law enforcement, courts, education, roads, and so on are perfectly fine, even necessary!..":

"Warning: One of These Monopolies is Going to Control You"

The Elon Musk /Electric Car Scam:

".....The issue on the table is not whether Uncle should “support the electrification of transportation,” as she shysterishly misdirects. It is whether wealth transfers from working people to affluent people ought to be continued.

Elon Musk, for instance, is a billionaire. The idea that anyone who files a W2 ought to be made to fund his operations is haltingly offensive.

The people who buy the electric cars he makes – when he does actually make them – are the same people who buy BMWs and other luxury-performance cars with prices that start around twice the price of an ordinary IC-engined economy car......" :

"The Udder Runs Dry?"

The Federal Reserve/Central Bank /Gold Standard Scams:

"....It is an error to equate the free market in money with the prevalence of commodity money. The late-nineteenth-century gold standard was a fiat standard! Problems start as soon as any type of money enjoys the legal privilege of being the “standard” money, and thus is immunized from competition.  ....":

"Optimal Monetary Policy"

The Las Vegas Massacre Scam:

"........Now, a month and a half later, there are few answers to the most deadly mass shooting in recent U.S. history – and perhaps even more strange – the case has been jettisoned from the 24/7 mainstream media cycle, despite the fact that the most basic of questions have yet to be answered.......":

"10 Compelling Reasons Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines" 

The Artificial Intelligence [A.I.] Scam:

" company has created an artificially intelligent machine-learning system that suffers from mental instability, or the AI equivalent, and the creators deliberately designed it to be unstable.

This tortured artist of an AI is called DABUS, short for “device for the autonomous bootstrapping of unified Sentience.”....":

New Artificial Intelligence Designed to Be Mentally Unstable: What Could Go Wrong?
My music [ a song wot i rote ]:

 "One Step Forward, Six Steps Back" [ story of my life :-) ]:

The "No Cash Society" Scam [versus Bitcoin Crypto-Currencies]:

"Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash and Digital Amounts Over $10K or Face 10 Years in Prison and Full Asset Seizure ":

The Fake Rebel Scam:

"....This is exactly where the real rebel enters the scene. He’s not trying to program people. Freedom means cutting loose from programming.

The Rebel doesn’t go to the market and choose which reality program he wants. They’re all used up as soon as they come out of the package....."

The [Upcoming] "Fedcoin" Scam:

The Criminal Justice Scam:

"...We see cops pulling over the same people multiple times for traffic offenses, or for petty offenses like jaywalking, or not wearing a seatbelt. We're glad these people lose their driver's licenses, pointing to claims that these kinds of laws prevent highway fatalities.

What we don't see: Cities and towns becoming dependent on the revenue from these infractions, creating a predatory relationship between the governing and the governed. We don't see cops instructed to see citizens as little more than ATMs for the local municipality. We don't see the job interviews low-income people have missed due to a driver's licenses suspended over unpaid court fees, or a budding entrepreneur from a low-income area denied a business license because of arrest warrants stemming from unpaid fines over misdemeanors....."

"The Seen and the Catastrophic Unseen in Our Criminal Justice System"


[obf disclaimer: links to any other authors articles or videos are not necessarily  full endorsements of all of the views/positions of the individuals or organizations concerned .]

[obf sez: if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk: email: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom.   I can also often be reached at a forum here ].

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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.22] - Nov. 12th, 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.22] - Nov. 12th, 2017

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic"   

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin

The Investment and Economic Predictions Scam:

A famous "gold-bug" predicts an economic collapse starting in December 2017

[obf sez: Reality check : no person/system/computer program can reliably/consistently predict future economic events, nor the future price/worth of anything. See my :"Got Money You Can Afford To Lose? [How to Safely Profit In Stocks,Gold,Bonds, Cryptos etc.] "

The Bank/Fake Money Scam [Versus Bitcoin and other "crypto-currencies"]:

Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante with a brief history of central banks such as the Federal Reserve; he then gives his views on how crypto-currencies like Bitcoin might collapse these banking systems run with  fake [i.e. counterfeit] money:

"The Truth About Money, Banking and Government... And Why Crypto Could Change Everything"
The Mark Zuckerberg/Facebook Scam:

"...Confirming every 'big brother' conspiracy there is about the social media giant, Parker explained how social networks purposely hook users and potentially hurt our brains

"When Facebook was getting going, I had these people who would come up to me and they would say, 'I'm not on social media.' And I would say, 'OK. You know, you will be.' And then they would say, 'No, no, no. I value my real-life interactions. I value the moment. I value presence. I value intimacy.' And I would say, ... 'We'll get you eventually.'"

"I don't know if I really understood the consequences of what I was saying, because [of] the unintended consequences of a network when it grows to a billion or 2 billion people and ... it literally changes your relationship with society, with each other ... It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains."

"The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, ... was all about: 'How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?'"

"And that means that we need to sort of give you a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that's going to get you to contribute more content, and that's going to get you ... more likes and comments."

"It's a social-validation feedback loop ... exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology."

"The inventors, creators — it's me, it's Mark [Zuckerberg], it's Kevin Systrom on Instagram, it's all of these people — understood this consciously. And we did it anyway."

"Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kids' Brains":

The Mass Surveillance Scam:

"The National Guard And Law Enforcement Use Secret Planes To Spy On Our Cell Phones "

"..the National Guard is using multi-protocol scanners and receivers to spy on everyone.

The National Guard and DEA, recently purchased two DRT 1301C portable receiver systems from Digital Receiver Technology Inc., (DRT).

DRTs or ‘dirt boxes’ allow the National Guard and DEA to secretly listen to 10,000 cell phones at once...."

The JFK Assassination Scam:

My music [ a little ditty I wrote]: "Cut Loose Blues":

The Flu Vaccine Scam:

"Apparently, the powers-that-be want everyone to take the seasonal flu vaccine out of loyalty and blind faith. Because actual science reveals the hoax.

A new study, published in the PLOS Journal on 10/23, by contributing authors from the Scripps Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, is titled: “A structural explanation for the low effectiveness of the seasonal influenza H3N2 vaccine.”

Oops. Low effectiveness? The public has been taught to believe the vaccine is quite effective...":

"The great flu vaccine hoax: new evidence"

The Global Warming Scam:

"Climate Engineering Is A Gateway To Global Government "

The Overpopulation Scam:

"Anytime someone in an elite or powerful position starts saying the population is too high we should get worried. You can bet it isn’t their friends and family that they are talking about overpopulating the Earth.

Of course, they are talking about people whom they consider peasants. Definitely me, and probably you too. We are the ones crowding this little planet, and we are the ones whose carbon footprint they say is a problem. Nevermind that the elites burn more carbon flying to their global warming conferences than I use in a year......"

"Here’s How to Deal With Overpopulation"

The Las Vegas Shooting Scam:

The Marxism/Communism/Socialism Scam:

"Given the near-uncritical support that the NYT historically has given communist dictators, from its deliberate cover-up of the infamous Ukraine famine in the 1930s, its whitewashing of the Moscow Show Trials of that same decade, and its near-worship of Mao in China and Castro in Cuba, one comes to understand that the editors of that paper now regard communism as a great “lost cause,” ....."

"The New York Times and the “Lost Cause” of Bolshevism"

The Department of Defense/ Pentagon Scam:

"The world’s largest company by revenue is Walmart ($486 billion of revenues in 2016). The U.S. defense establishment is a larger “enterprise” than Walmart, however. The armed forces “revenues”, extracted from us by taxes, are $525 billion in 2017. Other estimates of this number are higher. One estimate is $825 billion for 2018.

The U.S. Department of Defense has a workforce of 3.2 million people. Walmart has 2.1 million...."

"The Largest “Enterprise” and the Largest Taking Without Just Compensation"

[obf disclaimer: links to any other authors articles or videos are not necessarily  full endorsements of all of the views/positions of the individuals or organizations concerned .]

[obf sez: if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk.    I can also often be reached at a forum here ].


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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.21] - Nov. 5th, 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.21] - Nov. 5th, 2017

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic"   
 H.L. Mencken

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin


The Investment/Economic Predictions Scam:

obf sez: A good piece on the fallacies of what is usually called "technical analysis" in investment circles:

"....Let me be clear. I am not talking about Chart Makers, diligent folks who map the crust and waterways of the planet. Nor am I degrading the Chartists, those English political reformers, active between 1838—48...."

"....I'm talking about those arrogant snobs who promote the belief that the future performance of markets can be predicted from analyzing yesterday's lines and dots on a page.

This group is deadly dangerous: They leave empty bank accounts and broken spirits in their wake.

Look, if there are customers willing to pay the Gypsy lady to read tea leaves, that's OK with me. After all, she entertains her clients — but never presents herself as possessed with a body of scientific knowledge........":

obf sez: good news, dear reader, there is no need to rely on "chartists", nor any other type of  financial fortune-teller to safeguard your precious savings. See: 

"Got Money You Can Afford To Lose?[How to Safely Profit In Stocks,Gold,Crypto's etc.] "

The "Meat Glue" Scam

Is Your Dinner Steak “Glued” Together?

"Transglutaminase is an animal-blood enzyme used as “meat glue” to create a prime filet steak, which many cooks and eaters can’t tell the difference."

The Las Vegas Shooting Scam

Why Has The Las Vegas Massacre Disappeared From The News Cycle?

"It is without a doubt, our news cycle – in the age of 24/7 constant-connectedness – moves at a breakneck pace. With so much information and news reaching us, it’s easy to become overburdened and burned out on the world around us and the things taking place. It is true, too, that the mainstream media dictates what stays center in the mind of the public and what is allowed to fade away and be forgotten. It is of the utmost importance we remain aware – however exhaustive it may be – of stories that just don’t add up.
Enter the Las Vegas shooting; the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history..."

The Big Pharma/ M.D./ Allopathic "Medicine" Scam

[obf sez: A very important examination of how big- government sanctified allopathic medicine systems and pharmaceuticals came to dominate in the US, China and Europe. { one word hint : "Rockefeller"},  and how that "top- down" system has inevitably led to the recent scam currently known as "Obamacare" . See also, "The "Robber Baron" Scam" below. P.S. , I'm 66, and have not been to an allopathic "doctor" or hospital for 25+ years- I make it a point to avoid them all like the plague!]:

What Your MD Doesn’t Tell You Can Harm You

"The opioid problems notwithstanding, has it ever occurred to healthcare consumers and allopathic medicine’s patients as to why you aren’t told the warnings, contraindications or adverse effects regarding the Rx-prescription MDs give you, often as many as 3 “scripts” at a time, when no studies have been done to determine if there are adverse reactions or contraindications from taking various chemical pharmaceuticals and legal drugs simultaneously?

Doctors are swift to advise patients about not taking vitamins, supplements, herbal and natural remedies—that’s a known given.  However, are they as quick to tell patients about the chemicals they are prescribing?....."

The Tesla/ Elon Musk Scam

A Sneak Peek at the Economy of Tomorrow
"....the losses are getting bigger; a record $619 million in capital disappeared in the last quarter alone......"

The Central Bank/Federal Reserve:

"Can Gradual Interest-Rate Tightening Prevent a Bust?"

" it possible by means of a gradual monetary policy to undo the damage inflicted to the economy by previous loose monetary policies? According to mainstream economic thinking, it would appear that this is the case...."

The "Robber Baron" Scam:

"The Truth About the "Robber Barons"

"...As common as it is to speak of "robber barons," most who use that term are confused about the role of capitalism in the American economy and fail to make an important distinction — the distinction between what might be called a market entrepreneur and a political entrepreneur. ..."

The Missile Defense Scam:

"Don't Trust the US Government on Missile Defense":

"....The claim of 97% reliability for the U.S.’s anti-missile defenses is being challenged by Cirincione and others, who argue that the United States can only “shoot down some…missiles some of the time.” They make a number of arguments that are quite convincing, even to a layman who has no understanding of the physics involved......"

The Immigration Scam:

""....Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it’s important to understand that the real issue isn’t freedom for immigrants – it’s your freedom......... new laws to limit immigration will affect you considerably. You may think those laws will keep America pure, but they will succeed only in taking more of your liberty."

The Public Education Scam:

"Indoctrination Has Always Been the Goal of Progressive Education"

"..A prime example of this is the Edina public schools, where teachers have been giving lessons driven through the lens of race, class, gender, and other social justice norms.

As reports indicate, such news has not gone over very well with parents, many of whom express shock and disappointment that their children are being indoctrinated rather than educated.

But these parents really shouldn’t be surprised, for such an approach to education has been touted by progressives since at least the 1930s, if not sooner......"

The Donald Trump Scam:

Trick or Treat: One Year Later, Is Trump a Blessing or a Curse to the Deep State?

"...the American police state is still alive and well and flourishing.
Nothing has changed.

Rather than draining the corrupt swamps of Washington, as he repeatedly promised, Trump and his brand of reality TV politics have merely redirected our attention.

Trust me, the swamps are still stagnant with corruption......."

The Technocracy Scam:

"Brave New World and individual power"

"Huxley’s 1932 novel about a World State and its version of Utopia is still one of the most important and relevant novels of our time.

It is the companion piece to Orwell’s 1984. The overt brutal force has been removed from the equation in Brave New World. Instead: all births are synthetic, hatched in artificial womb factories, with accompanying genetic manipulation; no more nuclear families; no more monogamy; education is achieved through hypnotic sleep-learning; a caste system is engineered so the lower, less intelligent classes are happy with their lot, and the upper-level “alphas” occupy the top positions; the castes have little interest in associating with each other. Technocracy has triumphed......."

The "Nazis Were Capitalists" Scam

"The Myth of Nazi Capitalism"

 [ obf sez;  the Nazi's were socialists, through and through]:

"It is now the conventional wisdom that the Nazis were capitalists, not socialists, despite their misleading name “The National Socialist German Workers Party.” Anybody with a college degree knows they were capitalistic, if not in name, then at least in principle.

Of course, this is all nonsense. But the question does arise, where did this myth come from?..."

The Communism/Socialism/ Marxism Scam:

"The Bolshevik Great Experiment: One Hundred Years Later"

"Stealth socialism: follow the money":

".........The federal government hands out money like an endless Niagara, to private companies and to itself—and in this way, it controls the operations of a major part of the economy. THAT IS SOCIALISM. BY STEALTH.

If you don’t think so, imagine what would happen if the government withdrew its funding.

Karl Marx might have quibbled about this form of socialism, but in the end he would see its intent and practical results:

“Well, the government puts onerous taxes on the people, and bankrolls a major portion of the economy…hmm, not bad, all in all. It’s a start.”

Of course, the super-rich secreted their wealth, long ago, in non-profit foundations. And they—the Rockefellers and Carnegies, and so on—they’re the people who want to expand socialism........"

"The Insatiable Utopia"

"In February 1917, a 30-year-old Bolshevik named Valerian Osinsky wrote to his 22-year-old mistress about a coming revolution that would wipe away czarism and deliver what Christianity couldn't: the kingdom of heaven on earth. "Only in the world of insatiable utopia," he wrote, "will the simplest ethical rules become real and free from exceptions and contradictions."

Twenty-one years later, he would be executed as an "enemy of the people" for his blasphemies against the Soviet Union.

Stories like that abound in the Berkeley historian Yuri Slezkine's 1,100-page epic, The House of Government, which chronicles the lives of elite Bolsheviks and their families from their early days of revolutionary awakening through the overthrow of the czar, the building of "the dictatorship of the proletariat," Joseph Stalin's Great Terror, and their children's loss of faith. ....":

"This year marks the hundredth anniversary of one of the worst mistakes ever made: the Communist revolution in Russia."

Communist regimes went on to kill about 100 million people. Most died in famines after socialist tyrants forced people to practice inefficient collective farming. Millions of others were executed in political purges...........That won't stop some Americans from celebrating Communism's anniversary. A day of anti-Trump protests is scheduled for Nov. 4, and I'm sure some protestors will wave hammer-and-sickle flags. Some will wear Che Guevara shirts.
A few commentators will call the protesters "idealistic" but impractical. They shouldn't. We should call them supporters of mass murder......"

The JFK Assassination Scam:

"The Kennedy Assassination":

"...If you really want to know who killed President Kennedy and why, read JFK and the Unspeakable. Yes, there are other carefully researched books that you can read.

Douglass concludes that Kennedy was murdered because he turned to peace. He was going to work with Khrushchev to end the Cold War. He refused the CIA US air cover for the Bay of Pigs invasion. He rejected the Joint Chiefs’ Operation Northwoods, a plan to conduct false flag attacks on Americans that would be blamed on Castro to justify regime change..."

The "Brain = Consciousness" Scam:

"The brain vs. consciousness: the phony debate and the real debate"

"...Nearly all brain researchers insist that consciousness arises from the functions of the brain.

These researchers concede they don’t know HOW consciousness arises—but “they’re getting there.” They’re making progress. This is their story and they’re sticking to it.....""......But suppose all their fundamental assertions are completely wrong? Suppose they’re never going to prove consciousness arises from the brain? Suppose all their efforts in this direction are dependent on nothing more than circular reasoning—assuming what they’re trying to prove?......"

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