Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11- Most Likely-No Planes, and No Standard Demolitions

9/11- Most Likely-No Planes, and No Standard Demolitions


Knowledge is Finite

First of all, I think that is worth mentioning that regardless of what you or I believe happened on 911, as always, knowledge is finite. This is an unavoidable fact of life that we all must deal with on a daily basis. Or, you can simply try to ignore it and go nuts in the process!

There are many who freely choose that route!

Reality- Nobody [except the perpetrators] Really Knows What Happened With Absolute Certainty

Fact: unfortunately, neither you or I, or anyone else, has absolute perfect knowledge of the truth about what happened that day- and, it is impossible for any one person to have access to all of that information, particularly in light of the fact that much information is yet to be discovered, as always.

Always Remain Open To New Possibilities

Because of my understanding of this principle [knowledge is always finite], I have always tried to remain open to new explanations as to what might have happened, and have therefor tried to remain flexible to new possibilities as new information came to light, rather than just painting my self into a corner of supposed "absolute truth", a habit which seems common even among those gifted individuals whose research I mention below, and also among the all too numerous "others" as well.

As a result of my deliberately open policy, my own ideas have been through numerous changes since 911, and will probably change again in the future, given the nature of the immutable laws of reality and of individual finite knowledge for any one point in time.

This is why I use the phrase " most likely" or similar on a regular basis!

Having said that, the views expressed below about the events of 09/11/01 are, to the best of my current knowledge "true".

N.B. "Ridiculous", "Impossible" etc. ?

The research sighted below will appear "ridiculous", "impossible", or even worse to some who read it. I understand- not so long ago I would have reacted the same way, and it has taken me a lot of time and thought to reach the seemingly ridiculous [to some] positions outlined below.

Nevertheless, these positions make up the main core of my current views about the events of 911. Remember, knowledge is finite, so if you have not been exposed to the evidence given below before the views expressed below might seem outrageous.

If the information is new to you, I ask only that you attempt to honestly suspend all pre-judgement, and to merely look at and then thoroughly analyze the evidence presented to support my perhaps ridiculous conclusions on the events of 911.

Main Article: 9/11- No Planes, and No Standard Demolitions

1] No Planes?

Most likely, on 09/11/01 there were no planes,only faked "live" footage on time delay of from about 3 to 17 seconds.

See:"September Clues Part 1"

and: "September Clues Part 2"

2] Impossible Impact Speeds?

No planes were flying at 550mph at 600ft above sea level. 550mph is a cruising speed for large airliners at 35,000ft, where the air is much thinner. Because of air density, the same speed is impossible for them at 600 ft. above sea level. Maximum sustainable speed at 600 ft for a large Boeing, according to Boeing? -around 220mph.

See:"Flight 175- Impossible Speed"

3] Pencils Through Wire Screens?

Also, aluminum skinned planes with plastic nose cones traveling at a max speed of around 220mph , or even at the impossible speed of 525 mph!] cannot fly almost completely through [disappearing inside in one piece no less!] 500,000 ton buildings made of steel girders and reinforced concrete, and all without slowing down visibly at impact, with no parts [e.g. engines, wings, tail] falling off at impact, with no engine sound prior to impact,[i.e flight 175] and with no actual discernable impact sound at impact

See: "Flight 175, Stabilized"

4]No Conventional Explosives Used For [Unconventional]Tower Demolitions?

Most likely, no explosives were used to demolish the twin towers [ possible exception of WTC7] .

Unfortunately for the "demolition brought them down" crowd, the majority of both collapse and post collapse photographic and seismic evidence simply does not support the use of standard demolition procedures.


5]Steel Girders Turned To Dust?

Also, conventional demolitions do not and cannot literally turn steel girders to dust in mid air, within seconds. See:

Neither could conventional demolitions of 1300ft high buildings occur at freefall or greater,speeds,[e.g 8 seconds from start to finish ]despite what the "pre-planted demolition charges" crowd would have you believe. See:

6]Holes in Towers Made By Missiles or Explosives?

Most likely, explosives _ were_ used to make wing shapes in towers after either [a] a missile made the main "entry" hole, _or_,[b] the initial hole was also made with explosive charges.

This can be seen clearly here, as the wing shapes do not appear until a full 6 seconds after the main "entry" hole in the buildings' side, appears, and the plane, wings and all, has supposedly already completely disappeared inside in one piece!

See: "Amateur part 2"