Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Bright Shiny Lesson in Government Theft: How the Feds Seized My Silver Dollars

A Bright Shiny Lesson in Government Theft:
How the Feds Seized My Silver Dollars
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Comments: From where I stand this whole affair merely underscores the fact that it is somewhat dangerous to keep any assets in the US, at least if one keeps them all in one place. The whole thing is nothing more than a good old fashioned "shakedown" in my opinion.

Just one of those things that all governments do- simply because they can. Its a safe bet that this will never change- regardless of who runs the show, and even if you don't believe that, if money/investments that you cannot afford to lose are at stake,it is best to be prepared for the worst in case you are wrong.

No different than with any other investment, if this guy had held all of his silver investments within the US , it was naive to keep them all within place [i.e one holding company like Liberty silver] if he in fact did that.

There are other companies producing silver coins that were not raided - meaning that if he'd "spread it around " a little he would be losing only a small part of his silver investment as opposed to all of it.[again, assuming for the sake of argument that that's what he did] .

Also he could have kept some silver close at hand at a secret location known only to him [maybe he did, who knows?], to prevent a total loss.

And pursuing a case against the feds after the fact is probably a complete waste of time unless you have a lot of money to spend and powerful political connections, and could take years to resolve.

In the meanwhile he would still be out of his entire "investment", with absolutely no guarantee that he'd ever get his silver back or be compensated for the loss of investment profits or opportunity to sell and reinvest elsewhere, or even for his legal expenditures.

Better , for peace of mind, to attempt to avoid the situation from happening to you, ahead of time, through proper diversification and through [ideally] keeping important assets [i.e. investments you cannot afford to lose] outside of the US as far as possible.