Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Your Doctor Is Going To Kill You- by James Altucher

"Do you ever have one of those dreams where you are farting really loudly but you are thinking, “well, at least I’m not crapping in my pants” but then you realize it’s not a dream and you actually are farting in real life in bed and then you hear, to your horror, your spouse move even further to the other side of the bed?

Because it’s this very thing that makes me afraid of the dark. When the lights are out and I’m about to go to sleep. The day has died and there is nothing left to squeeze from it.
There”s just that fear.
Will I wake up farting.
If your spouse loves you she’ll think it’s “cute”. Or at least that’s what she will say. And then she will try really hard to forget it. I hope that’s true. I hope she thinks I’m cute.
Phew. Don’t worry. Here’s a worse fear. Don’t read further if you don’t want the truth.
Your doctor is going to kill you.
When you’re sick people say all the time, “oh, no problem, just go to the doctor”. Those “friends” who say that want you to die.
Here’s the sick truth. The truth about sickness. 
- Alcohol Abuse. In a study done on the American College of Surgeons, 15% of male surgeons and 25% of female surgeons suffered from alcohol abuse and dependence. And a significant portion reported having errors during surgery in the prior three months because of this dependence.
I was at a dinner once and part of the topics being discussed in dinner was my opposition to sending kids to school. Someone who worked for Mayor Bloomberg asked me, “would you ever want to be operated on by someone who didn’t go to medical school” .
My answer is “yes”. If you want to be safe, it turns out, be operated on by someone who is male, who has children, and who specializes in operating on veterans. For some reason, these are the people least likely to be drunk while operating on you. I don’t know why.
- Malpractice. Johns Hopkins has done a bunch of studies on this. 98,000 people a year die from mistakes doctors make. Either a mistake in surgery or a mistake in a prescription or some other weird mistake. One study showed that if you randomly pull 100 medical charts, 40 will contain evidence of doctor errors.
- Fake medical degrees. At least 5000 doctors operating in the United States today have fake medical degrees. Don’t believe me? Google “buy a fake medical degree” and you can be operating within a matter of weeks in your basement.
And it makes perfect sense. Some “medical schools” located offshore have “virtual simulators”. You can practice surgery while sitting in your bathroom with your laptop!
- Doctors hate you and they hate their lives.
On average, one doctor a day kills himself. Despite what you hear about lawyers, doctors actually have the highest suicide rate according to the Journal of the American Medical Association.
It’s even worse among female doctors. You think they like looking at you with your clothes off? You’re disgusting.

The suicide rate among female doctors is 2.3x the national average. When they cut open that body and see what we’re really made of they think: “this is just hopeless”.
- Doctors are obese. There’s nothing wrong with being obese. But it will kill you. And doctors know that.
Obesity causes everything from diabetes to heart attacks to strokes and is linked to early onset of Alzheimer’s. And yet, doctors have a death wish. 53% of doctors, despite knowing all of this, are obese. And you put yourself in their care.
Why should it matter if doctors are obese? In a sample of patients who are overweight, only 7% of the overweight doctors would diagnose their patients as overweight. As opposed to over 90% of the doctors who were not overweight.
- If you get sick right now, you’re screwed. In medical circles (trust me, I’m a doctor) it’s known as the “July Effect”.
Doctors go on vacation in July. So interns become residents and residents pretend to be the real doctors. Deaths from surgery and malpractice skyrocket in July. I hope you don’t get sick this month.
- Bad handwriting. You know how the doctor prescribes this weird thing to you and you think, “how can anyone read that” but for some reason you trust that your pharmacist has this supernatural power to read doctor’s handwriting? Well… he doesn’t.
Over 7000 deaths a year occur because the pharmacist couldn’t decipher the prescription and gave you an overdose of some weird chemotherapy pill instead of viagra.
Claudia asked me the other day if she thought I would die before her. I know the answer already. The answer is “no”. Because I never go to the doctor. She goes to various doctors throughout the year. So I’ve just eliminated the leading cause of death.
Now I’m going to get a fake medical degree. Because the next time someone asks me what I do for a living I’m going to tell them the simple truth:
“I save lives”. " 
By James Altucher on July 9, 2013
Reprinted with permission from The Altucher Confidental

Friday, July 12, 2013

"Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out"- by Paul Rosenberg

[ onbornfree/ and Freedom Network  commentary: another great article from Mr Rosenberg, plenty of good and inspiring advice here, I believe. If you would like to discuss with me any of the points/issues he raises here  with me, let me know. We could either "Skype" or talk face to face somewhere convenient- regards, onebornfree.]

"This was a big phrase in the 1960s, as young people turned away from the corporate conformity of the 1950s and decided that they wanted more out of life than being an adequately-fed cog in a big machine.

Let’s be honest and admit that the modern corporate script involves selling your own wishes and dreams for paychecks. I know that a lot of us have played along with it because of necessity, but this is not a way of life to cling to, it’s a way of life to escape.
You are meant to live your life. Yes, I know it can seem hard, but it’s the only life that’s really worth living. You have to give meaning to your life, and you’ll never get it by following the televised script and hoping for pats on the back from the people who are playing along with you.
This life you have is precious. Human beings are engines of creation; we are able to imagine and to turn our imaginations into reality. And we are capable of supercharging our creative abilities by sharing our lives and loves with other people. We are astonishingly capable creatures.
Don’t waste all your life’s abilities in a corporate cubicle. You’ve already seen how that goes: Work excessive hours, go home tired, watch TV, sleep, and start over. Your kids end up in mini corporate worlds called “schools,” where they are taught to sit, be quiet, obey, and turn off their internal desires and loves. If you play that game you’ll miss most of your life in the process, as well as most of your children’s lives.
Once you get some corporate inertia going, it is all too easy to get sucked into it permanently. Don’t let that happen to you.
So, here’s my modern (and slightly adjusted) interpretation – Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out:
Tune In
Wake up and see the world as it is. Turn off the talking heads on TV and get to know the real world. Stop spending all your brain cycles on celebrities, sports heroes and gossip hounds – get to know your neighbor and the old woman who lives around the corner, strike up a friendship with someone on the other side of the world. Travel. Spend your time with real people; get to know them, and reveal yourself to them. It only seems weird because the people who programmed you didn’t want you to think freely.
Do you think I am being dramatic by referring to “the people who programmed you”? If so, read this:
Education should aim at destroying free will so that after pupils are thus schooled they will be incapable throughout the rest of their lives of thinking or acting otherwise than as their school masters would have wished.
That was from the highly esteemed Bertrand Russel, by the way, and I’ve got plenty more of them. Take this seriously, because your programmers have been.
Tune in to yourself rather than your programming: What do you really want? Most people can list a dozen things that bother them, but not a single thing that they really want. This is a problem. Find out what you want. What do you love? What do you want to work for?
Do you remember all those times in the Bible where Jesus berates people for being “hypocrites”? Well, the real word he used was actors – as in stage actors. And whether you are religious or not, this is crucial: Stop acting in someone else’s play. Take off all the masks and find yourself.
Turn On
Start doing what you love. Don’t wait for someone else, do it yourself. Start helping your friends and neighbors, spend serious time with your children – not at a game or a party, but just you and them, talking. Find out what they love. Tell them what you love, what you are proud of, what you regret. Tell them you love them. Tell them things you don’t tell your friends. Let them know you.
Start living, not merely existing. DO the things you feel an urge to do. And don’t fall into the usual trap of “what if I make a mistake?” That’s simply fear-based conditioning. Resist it. Do what you love, and in so doing, you will turn yourself on.
Are you going to go through your whole life and never follow your own wishes, always sacrificing them to the tyranny of other peoples’ opinions? Please don’t do that to yourself – you’ll suffer greatly for it when you’re old.
Screw all the expectations and turn on – act on your own will.
Drop Out
Stop wasting your time and energy on governments and arguments and politics. Drop out of their mindset and start reclaiming all those wasted hours. Lying politicians are simply not worth your devotion. Drop the endless party fights and stop arguing about them. Politics is ugly, and politics on the brain makes us ugly.
Stop paying attention to the hundreds of ads you see every day – they are scientifically designed to grab your thoughts. Turn away. Stop buying trendy things, and definitely stop buying things for the purpose of impressing other people.
Stop trying to fit in, and stop living according to other people’s expectations. Let them call you weird. Let them talk about you. Stop caring about it. If they were real friends, they wouldn’t treat you like that. So if they are willing to call you names, you’re better off dropping them now.
Don’t fight the system – that just keeps all of your energy and attention focused on them. Forsake the system and start creating a better life for yourself, the people you love and the people you respect. Stop giving all your life’s energy to a barbaric system of force and manipulation.
Let the system go; all of it. Move on and let it rot where it sits.
But We Need A Plan!
No, you don’t. You need a life!
Let go of the plan addiction. Life is organic, not mechanical.
First of all, you need to identify what you want to create with the precious life you’ve been given. Not what you want to stop, but what you want to make.
If you’ve never been told to do this before it may seem hard, but you can do it if you try.
Don’t sit and wait. Stop talking and start doing.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Top 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics + "The Story of Your Enslavement"

[Obf and Freedom Network commentary: Another great article by Mr Paul Rosenberg entitled "The Top 5 Reasons I Stopped Caring About Politics" plus a related video presentation by Stefan Molyneux titled "The Story of Your Enslavement". The Rosenberg piece pretty much sums up my own current beliefs, while the Molyneux video hammers Mr Rosenbergs 5 nails "home". If you find yourself agreeing with most, or possibly all of these two presentations and yet you do not know what to do next, lets talk! - maybe I can help. Regards onebornfree. P.S. It's July 4th, so: Happy Surveillance Day! ]

"When I was young, I felt a need to understand politics, and I spent time studying. But as time progressed, I received diminishing returns on that investment. And in the past few years, I have given it up altogether.

These days, my concern with politics is limited to things like these:
Who is making war, and where?
Where is the crime occurring in my area?
Are there laws that will force me to move my businesses offshore?

Beyond that, I’m really not interested. I see the headlines, but I seldom read the stories. And I’m very happy saying, “I haven’t looked into it,” when people ask my opinion on the day’s ‘news.’

Here’s why:

#5: It eats up a horrifying amount of time and energy:

Seriously, start counting the number of hours you spend on this stuff. How many hours listening to political radio, watching political TV, and reading political newspapers?

Then start thinking about the intense energy you spend on it. We all have limited reserves of energy; do you really believe that politics is the highest and best use for yours? What about using your energy to build your business? Or to nurture your children? Or to help a neighbor? There must be a dozen things that are more important than obsessing over the votes of congressmen or Supreme Court judges.

Direct Youtube link

#4: It’s an addiction:

If imagining yourself dumping politics makes you feel bad, you probably should dump it.

Try it: Imagine your life, devoid of all politics. How does it make you feel? Empty? Forsaken?

The truth is that millions of us are addicted to politics. People can’t pull themselves away from it – it’s the script that runs in the back of their minds 24/7.

The political addiction is so bad that even strongly religious people spend more time on politics than they do on God. Politics is the obsession of the age.

#3: It doesn’t change anything:

There was a popular bumper sticker in the 60s that read: If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.

Let’s be honest and admit that the bumper sticker was true. Even the best examples – such as Reagan on the right or Obama on the left – have failed to change much. Government is bigger than ever, the US government is involved in more wars than ever, and the Constitution is being trashed in more ways than ever before. This is progress?

And what of the vaunted elections that they always promote? Personally, I think Alvin Toffler was right when he called them “reassurance rituals.” But, that aside, it is certain that elections are  tightly controlled. In the US, two parties firmly control who gets on a ballot and who doesn’t. Everything is scripted; everything requires approval of the party. (The situation is slightly less bad in Europe.)

And please understand that ‘the government’ is far more than 600 faces in DC – it is millions of people in thousands of offices, all pulling together to get more of your money and to spend it upon themselves and their departments.

But even while politics doesn’t actually change much, it does keep everyone locked inside the system and servicing it. To illustrate, here’s a quote I never could forget, and that I hope you’ll never forget either:
Let them march all they want, so long as they continue to pay their taxes.
– Alexander Haig, 1982
So long as everyone obeys the government, why should it care about their complaints? Americans are nearly 100% obedient, so why should the government bother changing anything at all? There is no need.

Politics doesn’t change anything, because its actual goal is to keep  the populace reassured and compliant. And in this it has succeeded  brilliantly.

#2: In the end, it’s about violence:

Here’s a passage from my novel, A Lodging of Wayfaring Men, that expressed this idea:
Coercion is the sine qua non of politics; the thing, without which, politics would not be politics. Indeed, if you remove coercion, politics becomes something else – economics.
Politics cannot exist without force. In the end, it rests on violence. No matter how much they color everything red, white, and blue, violence or the threat of violence underpins it all. As Jim Rogers once wrote, “Somewhere in every process of taxation, a pistol is involved.

Politics – government – is based upon a single transaction: Taking  money from people against their will. Everything else they do falls  apart without that.

You may think me rude for pointing this out, or you may come up with justifications for it, but the statement stands: Governments take money that they didn’t earn, by one type of coercion or another. If not, taxation would be voluntary and government would be just another business.

I don’t like dealing with violent enterprises.

#1: Politics is a relic of a barbaric past:

Being that I study the ancient past, I can trace men ruling over men back to about 6400 BC. I can trace a government that resembles ours back to about 5000 BC.

So, what else from two thousand years before the Pyramids still rules the lives of men?

If there is any example on Earth of humans failing to evolve, this has to be it.

Men no longer pull plows. They no longer start fires with flint. Nor  do they pull sleds or wooden-wheeled carts or rely upon animals for power. We have learned to write, to invent, to navigate, to cover immense distances, to drive, to fly, to reach into the heavens…

And yet this one relic of a primitive past remains. And please don’t  tell me that it remains because it is good – people complain about government more than they complain about cancer.

To illustrate government’s barbaric nature, consider this: Thousands of people like me would like to experiment with different ways of living, but we are forbidden. No one is permitted to leave the game. If you try, large armed men will assault you and lock you in a cage, or perhaps they will merely steal your money from the bank you entrusted it to. But in either case, government sycophants will solemnly inform the world that you are an evil-doer.

No exit is permitted and all escape attempts are met with violence. How is this not primitive barbarity?


So, there you have it. You’re big boys and girls and you can make your own decisions, but I have to tell you: I am ever so happy with  mine. I am less stressed, more productive, and a clearer thinker.

Every so often, a friend asks me to examine a political issue. And,  nearly always, I politely decline; it makes me feel the same as when my mother wanted me to eat liver."
Paul Rosenberg