Friday, December 23, 2005

Free Yourself From From Christmas?

Freedom From Christmas

Sleazons Greedings! [ as an old girlfriend of mine used to say.]

If you celebrate Christmas, ultimately, as with everything else in your life, it is because you choose to.

No-one forces you to buy, or even accept presents, visit relatives, send cards, attend office parties etc etc., you do it because you want to - based on what you [possibly mistakenly] see the consequences of not going along with the crowd amounting to.

My own life has improved dramatically [despite the difficulty this year in finding non-christmassy things to do and folks to associate with]since I stopped going along with the whole deal, because I made a decision based on my own values, which is not the same as saying that you should/could do what I did, because you are a unique individual with your own value system.

In order to stop, its "only" necessary to realistically assess the true costs [ie the over all price, consisting of elements such as alienation from friends, relatives and aquaintances, loss of prestige at work etc.], versus the true gains[ no more worry over christmas card lists and presents, no more re-gifting, no more pretense, monetary savings, possible new friends who admire your new found honesty and independence, etc. etc. ], and if the gains outweigh the losses, to go ahead and take drastic action -now.

So it is important to get an accurate picture of the losses and gains before you make a decision, no different than with any other area of your life, and then take action based on what the scales of your own personal value system tell you after your close analysis.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

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Monday, November 7, 2005

Don't Support the Troops?

08/2705 Don't Support the Troops?: Quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn one way or the other whether you support the troops or not, as, unlike the author of the article in question I am not trying to save the world , or to get others to agree with me. I'm only out to save myself from the state- [and possibly you, provided you are willing to pay me/trade out enough to make it in my interest do so!] My FREE advice: forget the troops and who does, or does not, support them, forget all politics and world changing, focus on YOU , and what you can do for yourself TODAY, while accepting the world as it is, that is ,chock full of fools, liars, hypocrits, thieves and murderers.

08/13/05 Tax Protestors-Stupid is as Stupid Does Commentary from Onebornfree. Methinks somebody needs a quick "boot to the head" here, metaphorically speaking. After all, you have to be pretty dumb to know that "the federal government is a criminal organization that illegally extracts taxes " , [1 out of 10 for observation] and then challenge said criminal organization in its own courts, themselves funded by the very thing you are protesting about [taxes], and where it makes and breaks all of the rules, or "interprets" them for its own convenience; then somehow expect "justice" or "fairness", but that's exactly what these clowns, and others like them, do on a regular basis. Oh well, it makes for good entertainment, if nothing else,and lord knows, we all need some of that.

08/02/05 The Truth About All States: An insightful article from Mr. Michael S. Rozeff that lists a few of the many arguments against the state as a useful form of social organization . I'll overlook his implication that states can be limited in any way - to me that is a dangerous delusion - the idea is plain wrong and inevitably leads to the forming of "limited" new states or governments, and of continuing old ones. Part of the attraction of the state [and one this article does not list] is the fallacy that governments can be limited - disproved here. ]

07/21/05- The Truth About Suicide Bombers:Butler Shaffer."The suicide-bomber is but the full extension of what is implicit in politics: institutionalized violence..." ........and that is all you really need to know. However, if you can spare an hour to wade through the rest of Mr. Shaffer's article [my, he does go on], be my guest! Does Butler need a "boot to the head" in the interests of brevity? Maybe!

The Supreme Court Scam : Joe Sobran . An excellent article - as far as it goes. One slight criticism- even though I wrote to him years ago and pointed out the historical fact that theConstitution andBill of Rights was completely subverted via the 1789 Judiciary Act, [see esp. section 25] ,before it {the BOR} ever went into effect in 1791, Joe still does not quite "get it", although, to be fair, he has come a long way.] My free advice? Joe, forget the Constitution and Supreme Court, its a criminal scam, always has been always will be - just like the rest of government. Does Joe still need a quick"boot to the head"? Do you?