Friday, July 27, 2012

"How to Fight For Personal Liberty" by James Altucher

[Onebornfree commentary: here is a very good article on personal freedom, one that I will probably end up referring many people to who might ask me why I insist that political "solutions" are not the purpose or primary focus of the Freedom Network, although, of course, in todays world it is hard to avoid the subject of politics, and politicians, entirely, hard as I might try :-) - Regards, onebornfree]

QUESTION: “Marc@FreeMarketsFan” asked me this question during my Twitter Q&A last Thursday:  What is one thing a regular individual can do every day to keep fighting for our personal liberty?


Slaves fight. Enemies fight. People who hate, fight. When you have personal liberty there is no “other”. Nobody to fight. There is no “Us” versus “Them” for the person who has found personal liberty.
So the answer is: stop fighting others for personal liberty. They don’t have your liberty in a bottle somewhere. They will never give it to you. It’s not theirs to give. And you just make enemies and you make your heart and brain angry. Fighting makes you more and more enslaved by your visions of personal liberty that are not outside but inside.

You don’t have to “keep fighting”. The fighting is over.

The government, the corporations, the powers that be, don’t care about your personal liberty and never will.

If you are angry, scared, anxious, depressed, about the limitations on your personal liberty then the first thing you have to work on is your own inner self.

You already are free. Deep down, the awareness that creates thoughts, that creates fears and worries, is already free.

The moon exists whether or not there are clouds in front of it that obscure it. Your thoughts and fears are the clouds. But the real you is the moon.

Get back in touch with that feeling, the awareness behind all the thoughts.

This is personal liberty.

And it is only in this way that you can fight for personal liberty on a grander scale, by being a beacon to those who are still lost in the clouds.

James Altucher 2012