Saturday, August 18, 2007

Words That Can Help Increase Your Freedom


[from the Hawaii Observer}]: "What if I told you that every danger you might worry about - poverty, drugs, crime, war, terror, the Devil himself - is possibly fake?

To clarify this, I need to explain a new concept to you, called protection fraud. Protection fraud happens when a criminal collects a fee for pretending to "protect" the victims from an evil which he in fact secretly creates. It’s the second oldest profession in the world. Running uninterrupted for the last 3400 years, protection fraud is a $16 trillion global industry today.

4 significant conclusions.

1.) Every major cause the "authorities" tried, over the ages, to justify their rule with - God’s mandate to fight Evil, providing defense, upholding law and order, subsidizing the poor, etc. - is a fraud.

2.) Every fraud cycle is the same old fraud, with a new "evil" tacked on when the old evil doesn’t produce enough revenue anymore. Could such a fraud be just a "honest mistake"? Not 12 times in a row.

3.) The public uncovers each successive fraud cycle faster. From the initial 3300 years the "war on devil" was believed by a majority, to 5 years the majority saw through the "war on terror", a healthy percentage knows already that the authorities’ next claim will be a fraud too. Good going.

4.) An "authority" with a track record of continuous criminal racketeering of 6 billion and the premeditated murder of 200 million victims over a period of 3400 years has no legal, moral, or other standing whatsoever to rule, control or manage society; to determine right and wrong; or to enforce it........"

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