Saturday, January 28, 2012

New World Order Conspiracy Theorists Versus " Financial Illiteracy"

The Daily Bell: Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists

My only real problem with Mr Wile's otherwise excellent analysis :"Financial Illiteracy of Those Who Mock Conspiracy Theorists"
is his claim that the conspiracy towards installing one-world government is a conscious,deliberate policy by "the usual suspects".

Rather, for myself, it [i.e the move towards one-world government] is a completely natural, inevitable occurrence [given the realities of human action] once governments exist, and given the true nature of all governments, everywhere. Why would anyone really expect anything else?

Belief Implications

The belief that the move towards one-world government is part of an "elite's" conspiracy plan implies that without such an elite, there would be no move towards one-world government.

I find this to be a little naive, at best. Governments must grow in order to survive.

In as much as they will always constantly fail to achieve their stated social objectives, their growth [because if something fails, the only option is to pass more laws, and throw more money at any one problem] is an unchangeable given, even without those dreaded Illuminati and their new world order plans for all of us.

Personal Freedom Implications For the Concerned Individual

Given that either with, or without an elite, governments once created, will inevitably grow and consolidate as a "natural" survival instinct, what does this mean for the concerned, freedom-loving individual?

Personal Secession from the System?

As far as I can see, and without going into specific detail here [there would be no point], the only reasonable hope for that concerned individual is to completely eschew political solutions [i.e voting, protesting, agitating for new laws etc.] , and instead to use that newly freed up time, and start to seriously look for direct ways to circumvent, avoid, and otherwise go around "the system" in all its glorious forms, in whatever ways that appear suitable for that individuals own personal morality and belief system [whatever it might be].

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