Monday, November 7, 2005

Don't Support the Troops?

08/2705 Don't Support the Troops?: Quite frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn one way or the other whether you support the troops or not, as, unlike the author of the article in question I am not trying to save the world , or to get others to agree with me. I'm only out to save myself from the state- [and possibly you, provided you are willing to pay me/trade out enough to make it in my interest do so!] My FREE advice: forget the troops and who does, or does not, support them, forget all politics and world changing, focus on YOU , and what you can do for yourself TODAY, while accepting the world as it is, that is ,chock full of fools, liars, hypocrits, thieves and murderers.

08/13/05 Tax Protestors-Stupid is as Stupid Does Commentary from Onebornfree. Methinks somebody needs a quick "boot to the head" here, metaphorically speaking. After all, you have to be pretty dumb to know that "the federal government is a criminal organization that illegally extracts taxes " , [1 out of 10 for observation] and then challenge said criminal organization in its own courts, themselves funded by the very thing you are protesting about [taxes], and where it makes and breaks all of the rules, or "interprets" them for its own convenience; then somehow expect "justice" or "fairness", but that's exactly what these clowns, and others like them, do on a regular basis. Oh well, it makes for good entertainment, if nothing else,and lord knows, we all need some of that.

08/02/05 The Truth About All States: An insightful article from Mr. Michael S. Rozeff that lists a few of the many arguments against the state as a useful form of social organization . I'll overlook his implication that states can be limited in any way - to me that is a dangerous delusion - the idea is plain wrong and inevitably leads to the forming of "limited" new states or governments, and of continuing old ones. Part of the attraction of the state [and one this article does not list] is the fallacy that governments can be limited - disproved here. ]

07/21/05- The Truth About Suicide Bombers:Butler Shaffer."The suicide-bomber is but the full extension of what is implicit in politics: institutionalized violence..." ........and that is all you really need to know. However, if you can spare an hour to wade through the rest of Mr. Shaffer's article [my, he does go on], be my guest! Does Butler need a "boot to the head" in the interests of brevity? Maybe!

The Supreme Court Scam : Joe Sobran . An excellent article - as far as it goes. One slight criticism- even though I wrote to him years ago and pointed out the historical fact that theConstitution andBill of Rights was completely subverted via the 1789 Judiciary Act, [see esp. section 25] ,before it {the BOR} ever went into effect in 1791, Joe still does not quite "get it", although, to be fair, he has come a long way.] My free advice? Joe, forget the Constitution and Supreme Court, its a criminal scam, always has been always will be - just like the rest of government. Does Joe still need a quick"boot to the head"? Do you?

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