Saturday, October 28, 2006

"What's a good homeschooling family to do?"

What's a good homeschooling family to do?


"As our individual liberties continue to erode and the ever growing central government continues to dominate more and more facets of our daily life, with an upcoming election my family has to look at where each party stands with regard to homeschooling.

I know the libertarians support homeschooling but they have no chance to win and their base in state politics is centered in Atlanta.
I know the Republicans SAY they support homeschooling but they lie so often who can trust them?

I know the Democrats are so cozy with the NEA and GAE that they are loath to offend them...and both groups vehemently oppose anything but state run education/indoctrination camps.

So what to do?

Frankly the Dems seem to be my worst choice as they are predisposed to being hostile to homeschooling- because of their relationship with NEA/GAE and also their predilection with the nanny/welfare state.

Of the two major parties the Dems seem most likely to make homeschooling difficult or illegal....all in the name of the "children's welfare" of course.....which is the same reason Hitler's Germany outlawed home education in 1938.

Hard call to make....both major parties seem to favor making our current socialist republic empire into an ever growing totalitarian state. However, the Repubs do talk a good game....even if they clearly are the best bait and switchers in the 2 party biz.


What's a good homeschooling family to do?"

My reply:

The first thing to do is to erase all thoughts about voting, and who to vote for- its a complete waste of your valuable time. Its far safer and more immediately practical to assume that nothings going to change- ever; regardless of which gang of crooks gets elected [that's "the system" after all], and proceed accordingly from there.

You must instead focus ALL of your time and attentions on your own individual situation vis a vis the issue at hand- this is crucial,if you do not do this you are most likely doomed to failure in any attempts you might make to solve your problem.

The only way out of doing this[focusing] is if you hire someone else to focus all _their_ attentions on your particular problem instead [ as a "problem solver" I can perhaps do this, perhaps not].

Once you have focused- or hired someone else to do so, your or their basic choices are:

[1] look for legal ways to get around the laws - usually not as hard as it would first appear _if_ you focus 100%, adopt an open mind and use your imagination [now hopefully newly uncluttered by ridiculous thoughts/fantasies about which gang of criminals to vote for] and start to "read between the lines" of laws, or,

[2] disregard the laws if and where you feel comfortable in so doing, keep your mouth shut and don't attract attention [ including not joining any homeschooling freedom groups or such like] and generally try to keep a low profile in this area of your life. [Another hint: being a member of a pro-homeschooling political party such as the Libertarian party is a bad idea attention wise- like a dope smoker having a subscription to "High Times" or similar and expecting to not get busted.]

Most important with either approach- stop complaining about the system, or fantasizing about "change", keep your damn mouth shut- then, "Just Do It!"!

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