Saturday, August 14, 2010

9/11 Video & Victim Fakery,The Matrix, Governments vs.Your Freedom- A "No-Planer's" Essay

9/11 Video and Victim Fakery, The Matrix, Governments vs.Your Freedom- A "No-Planer's" Essay

A newly re-edited, updated version of my 911 essay written especially for those among us who, like myself, are poor, demented souls calling themselves "9/11 no-planers" or similar because they believe that the network videos of the events of 9/11 were mostly faked, can be viewed here:

Regards, onebornfree


  1. This is wibee from mises. If they were not planes, they looked a lot like planes. My dad was working right off the river. He saw the planes fly into the buildings on his break, in person. I saw the burning buildings with my own eyes as well ( I went to highschool in Jersey City).

    While I would not dismiss a conspiracy, stating that no planes were involved is to me hard to justify unless they were modified missiles made to look and sound like a Boeing.

    Perhaps the planes could be carrying explosives. Making the plane, essentially a missile.

  2. Thank you reading and for your comment- and my apologies for not seeing your post earlier.

    I would of course be interested in hearing exactly what your father claimed to have seen in person , however you must understand that I do not wish to get into 3rd hand "he said, she said" arguments via this comments box- or anywhere else for that matter.

    My best evidence of no planes is the fact that all of the videos of Flight 175 are fraudulent [i.e fake] for the simple reason that they all depict an aircraft performing a scientifically impossible feat.

    Anyone who claims to have seen this impossible event exactly as depicted, for example in this video:

    is either confused, [they actually saw it on TV], mistaken, or simply lying.

    I have no idea as to which is the case in your fathers case, and no interest in proving him right or wrong.

    I'm afraid I would choose to believe elementary physical laws and principles over claimed [and unverified] "eyewitness" testimony, any day of the week, even if the person making the claim was a relative.

    That is my choice, yours is different. Your choice- your responsibility.

    Regards, onebornfree
    P.S. you may well have seen fires.