Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FBI Murder and Cover-Up; interview with Attorney Jesse Trentadue

Attorney Jesse Trentadue talks to Lew Rockwell about the torture-murder of his brother, Kenneth, the Oklahoma City Bombing, and a highly suspicious sting operation.

Onebornfree's Commentary: I don't think that either Mr Trentadue or Mr Rockwell really "get it", although they could be just deliberately "shucking" I suppose.

As with both the Ruby Ridge incident, and the Waco Massacre, the ultimate goal of the 1995 "false flag" OKC bombing of the federal Murrah building was political- to directly benefit the Clinton administration by discrediting the looming threat of the "extreme right", in other words. [and it worked too.]

McVeigh apparently worked for the Federal government [former cell mate David Hammer has confirmed this] .

McVeigh's role was to directly discredit the burgeoning "Patriot Militia Movement" by appearing to be one of them and to therefor be deliberately seen to have been directly involved in the bombing.

According to the former cell mate the government had promised him immunity; that even if brought to trial and found guilty he would not be executed [ the execution would be faked] . As to whether or not his execution [by lethal injection] was ultimately faked, well its possible I suppose, however it seems to me that it would not make sense for the government to allow him to remain at large, as a "loose end" that might be able to cause political damage in the future. Regards, onebornfree

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