Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"The Dark Knight Rises":Subliminal Programming?

Onebornfree commentary:  This video monologue by Alex Jones of "Prison Planet" , postulates the use of subliminal programming of the viewer via the major "players" in Hollywood who are in cahoots with the federal government via the Defense Department etc. [Something you are presumably already aware of]

He makes a number of  very interesting propositions, chief of which is that the government is attempting to brainwash you into accepting more and more of its "one world" agenda via movies such as the "Dark Knight"  trilogy. To an extent, I agree.

However,Mr Jones misses a couple of obvious points:
1] Most people are already pre-conditioned to the mentality Mr Jones says we are all being led towards. This is not brainwashing as such but just more "positive" reinforcement of the dominant themes he lists that are already in place in the minds of most of the population, put there by the  childhood conditioning of government-funded and run education, and then expanded on and further reinforced via the press and TV, whose employees, by and large, are  formerly state "educated" and already think that way. 

2] As a market/ business proposition  [i.e. in order to make  money], it makes perfect sense for a movie maker to target as large an audience demographic as possible. As most people are unalterably statist in mentality, it makes perfect sense, business-wise, to target that mentality specifically and play/pander to its fantasy world of "the government knows best- and  therefor to solve crime "problems" we need Batman style characters who can tap into our cell phones, computers etc. etc. and make the world safe for everyone" .  Of course, [from my point of view] the best directors, instead of just pandering to that demographic, will find ways to subtly question it, poke fun at it, or openly deride it, without arousing the suspicions of  the Defense Department et al.

3] Assuming that this movie is by the same director as the previous two in the series [Christopher Nolan], a very astute director [I particularly enjoyed "Memento", which, to my mind was anti-state], it is unclear, at least to myself, exactly what the true political message in the Dark Knight series really is. Mr Nolan is a particularly adept film maker and it is even possible that   in fact the Dark Knight series is actually some sort of tongue in cheek , over the top commentary on the whole ridiculous idea that Alex Jones is so sure we  are all being conditioned to accept. [Despite the fact that most of us are already conditioned that way and never even question it :-)]  

Regards, onebornfree.

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