Sunday, March 3, 2013

How To Prevent Warrantless Federal [DHS] Highway Vehicle Searches?


{Onebornfree/Freedom Network commentary: this is an interesting video as it apparently shows Federal, Department of Homeland Security[DHS] agents being thwarted from "just doing their jobs", by young guys in cars on Federal highways armed only with video cameras and their supposed constitutional rights.  

This tactic might work for now, in some cases, but I would not advise anyone to try it unless they have a very clear understanding of their supposed "rights", particularly of the 4th and 5th amendments- and knowing the 9th amendment might come in handy too. 

Also, unlike the persons in the various videos presented, who are traveling  in pairs, I would not try this if traveling alone, unless you have a lawyer on retainer with whom you are in continual phone contact- remember we do not know, and cannot know, how many  persons have already  been illegally detained at gunpoint by these agents , despite that detained persons knowledge of their supposed "constitutional rights", and who  might still, to this date, remain "illegally" detained by the D.H.S.  

For myself, it makes far more sense to completely avoid coming into contact with these types of situations in the first place, rather than having faith in any piece of 200 year old paper that supposedly lays out your supposed rights.      

 Music: Rights that you never had in the first place, if the truth be known

Regards, obf.}

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