Thursday, September 19, 2013

Onebornfree On The Faux Capitalist Radio Show

                                                     [Above: Screenshot of the Faux Capitalist home page]

After making a comment in the comments section of Jim Fetzer's podcast , where he [J. Fetzer] interviewed Canadian radio host Jason Erb concerning his views/explanations regarding  the subject of Austrian Economic theory, a subject I have personally studied for 20 or more years [ I'm a slow learner! :-) ], and some of which insights I try to  apply with  regards to my own Financial Safety Service  clientele ,  or with regards to my Personal Freedom clientele, Mr Erb asked me to come on his own "Faux Capitalist" radio show to make my own points. 

We talked Austrian economic theory, misconceptions I often come across regarding what it is, what it is not [in my opinion], why it can never really be "controlled opposition to benefit the powers that be" etc. etc., [as many accuse], plus the usefulness of  the central idea of Austrian theory [i.e. methodological individualism] and its broader [and very important, I believe] implications/applications with regard to other areas of an individuals life, for example with regard to financial safety, and also with regard  to conspiracy theory, and to politics in general. 

My interview can be heard here.  

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