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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.27] - Dec. 17th. 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.27] - Dec. 17th. 2017

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic" H.L. Mencken

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin

The War On Terror Scam:

"According to the U.S. Department of State, Iran foments terrorism: “Designated as a State Sponsor of Terrorism in 1984, Iran continued its terrorist-related activity in 2016…”

The Department of State does its best to create an imaginary, unreal, nonexistent, mythical image of Iran as terror haven. This is false.

If this were true, State could list the terror incidents on American soil that Iran sponsored. They do not, because they cannot. If there were such a list showing the guilt of Iran in causing terrorist acts in America, the U.S. would long ago have declared war on Iran......":

The F.D.A. /D.E.A. /A.M.A. / Big Pharma Scam:

"Over the last 11 months, pharmaceutical companies have spent a stunning $3.2 billion on TV ads for drugs.

That much money buys you influence. It buys you control.

If a major network suddenly decided to set its hounds loose and investigate the overall devastating effects of medical drugs on the public, there would be hell to pay at the network. Drug companies wouldn’t stand for it....." 
".......The pharma princes are not like you. You can’t see who they are if you look through the lens of your morality. They don’t share that morality. They don’t resemble you. Don’t ascribe your qualities to them. They don’t respond to life as you do. Their capacity for self-deception is awesome. Your good is not their good......":

The F.B.I. Scam:

"'Politifact delivered a “pants on fire” slam to Fox News on Friday because one of its commentators asserted that the Federal Bureau of Investigation “has become America's secret police.” The FBI has legions of new champions nowadays among liberals and Democrats who hope that its probes will end Donald Trump’s presidency. This is a stunning reversal that may have J. Edgar Hoover spinning in his grave.

In order to boost the credibility of the FBI’s investigations of the Trump team, much of the media is whitewashing the bureau’s entire history. But the FBI has been out of control almost since its birth.........."

The Federal Reserve/Inflation Scam:

"....In the 100-plus years since the creation of the Federal Reserve, the Fed has steadily inflated the US dollar. Over time, this has resulted in the dollar being devalued by over 97%.....Once the above process is understood, it’s understandable if the individual feels that his government, along with the Fed, has been robbing him all his life. He’s right—it has."

The Trump Tax Bill Scam:

"..First, there is the GOP tax bill. We are still uncertain as to the details. So are members of Congress, who are waiting for lobbyists to work them out.

But the broad brushstrokes are so obvious, they must be visible from outer space: It is a scam.

Its real effect will be to enable the transfer of trillions of dollars more from the productive economy to the zombies, cronies, and Deep State insiders… leaving slower real economic growth and leaving most people poorer....":

The Net Neutrality Scam:

"...internet regulation like net neutrality is just another form of central planning which requires a centralized rule-making body which must functions without  the essential first-hand experience and knowledge of real-world market actors. In other words, the main conceit of central planning is this: a group of experts sitting in a room knows more than countless consumers, producers, and innovators working in the marketplace. ..."

The Pentagon Audit Scam:


Dream On? :

'Dreams, that governments will keep you free,
Dreams, that they ain't just war and slavery,
Dreams, of your god "democracy",
You keep dreaming of more enforced equality.....".

From: "Dreams[ Matrix Blues]" :

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