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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.29] - Jan. 7th. 2018

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.29] - Jan. 7th. 2018

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic" H.L. Mencken

 "My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually, they will believe it.” Adolf Hitler

The Oklahoma City Bombing Scam:

If you have any interest/curiosity at all in the whole 1995 OKC bombing affair, you owe it to yourself to watch this video , [and part 2 as well], all the way through.

It appears that finally there is some real , genuine light being shone on the event, via a former CIA black ops specialist, Cody Snodgres. Snodgres was offered the $ million job of bombing the OKC [Federal] Murrah building but turned it down because he suspected that, as a long time operator who was "winding down" career wise, he would be a patsy to then be "neutralized" after completing the job.

Snodgres exposes the main reasons for the bombing :

(1) to destroy massive amounts of incriminating Gulf war records that revealed massive government crimes, and..
(2) to destroy recently moved Clinton records deemed dangerous to the Clintons].

He also gets into the whole CIA/ Clinton/Arkansas drug running scheme, as well as Waco [pt. 2 of interview]

Fucking mind-blowing even for a die hard ultra cynic such as myself.

[p.s. Whether or not the viewer judges Snodgres' claims to be genuine or not is, as always, an individual affair. For myself, after reviewing several hours of this mans interviews, he appears to be totally legitimate, given his current mindset and beliefs, post "coming out" ]:

Part 2 here

The Donald Trump Scam:

"One of the most surprising (and disappointing) effects of the Trump presidency has been the shift of certain “independent” and ” alternative” media outlets from truth seekers to establishment supporters.

We have seen several once great outlets become part of the divide and conquer put forth by the powers-that-wish-they-were. It’s been one year of the Trump administration and I think it’s quite clear that any perceived benefits are vastly outweighed by the negative actions of the administration. Some indy and alt outlets saw that Trump was a deceiver from the get go, but others somehow fell prey to the deception......":

"When Will Trump Supporters in The Freedom Movement Realize They Were Duped?

 Also: "This Is Not About Making America Great Again; It's About Making America Entertaining"

The C.I.A. MK Ultra Scam:

Warning! This video may be especially disturbing for some - view with caution!

[Ms O'Brian claims to be a person first sexually abused by her father, then subsequently bought off and forced into the CIA's MK Ultra program and then trained as a sex slave for high level government personnel, including the Clintons.]

"Cathy O'Brien: Ex-Illuminati Mind Control Victim "

The Electric Car Scam:

"..From an editorial in Automotive News:

“…EVs are being propped up by subsidies; without the subsidies, there would be very few EVs at all. They cost too much, rendering them uneconomical. They take comparatively forever to recharge, which makes them inconvenient. Hence, most people – most people- are not interested in them – especially without generous taxpayer-financed assistance.....In other words, continue to throw good money after bad – because hey, we’ve already wasted “x” amount of money. Therefore, waste more. The Defense Department works on exactly this reasoning...."
"Stranger Things"

The Fake News Scam:

The Global Warming Scam:

"The NASA/GISS temperature record is not actually a record of recorded temperatures.  It is simply the most recent version of NASA’s adjustments to older adjustments.  It is not thermometer readings.  It is models all the way down......"

NASA's Rubber Ruler: An Update


The Artificial Intelligence[A.I.] Scam:


The "Deep State" Scam:


The FDA/ AMA/Big Pharma Scam:

"....But just as regulators are about to slam homeopathy out of existence at least by creating negative public opinion if not by onerous regulations,………. science got in the way.

A researcher at the University of Florence, Italy, reports on studies unequivocally show that some metal-based diluted homeopathic remedies evoke a biological response.

“These studies show that, contrary to previous beliefs, when homeopathic medicines containing metal nanoparticles are progressively diluted and succussed (shaken), highly diluted solutions contains an unexpected amount of the original substance.............”

Homeopathy Is About To Be Regulated Out Of Existence, But Science Just Got In The Way

The Investment/Economic Predictions Scam:

"The discovery of an algorithm that would consistently generate outsized returns would be the holy grail of investing. The individual who came up with such an algorithm and published the methodology in a peer-reviewed journal would be a serious candidate for the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. To date, no one has done so.

This is not surprising. As my colleague Larry Swedroe noted, the market is "forward looking" and incorporates all publicly available information into current prices. The issue is not (as many investors believe) whether news is good or bad. It's whether the news is "better or worse than already expected."

No algorithm can accurately predict surprising news. By definition, a "surprise" is both random and unpredictable...."

"Notwithstanding this compelling logic, investors are often seduced by the "algorithm scam." A broker, advisor or hedge fund operator claims to have a "black box" that will predict future prices. Sometimes the people making these claims have superb credentials, which make their pitch more appealing.........."

"....This type of fraud is particularly insidious because it's difficult to verify. If you ask the creator of an algorithm to tell you how it works, he or she will often claim it's "proprietary" and instead will show you back-tested data supporting its efficacy. The problem with back-tested data is that it produces hypothetical results by showing how investments would have performed if the strategy at issue were implemented. It's easy to misrepresent back-tested data...."

"The Algorithm Scam" 


The Communism /Socialism/Fascism/ Collectivism Scam:

"Collectivism, in fact, can be stated in no other way than as partisan dogma in which the commitment to a definite ideal and the condemnation of all others are equally necessary. ............. For that reason all collectivist doctrines are harbingers of irreconcilable hatred and war to the death."

The Death Cult of Collectivism

Humor: F*ck That: An Honest Meditation:


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[obf sez: if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk: email: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom.   I can also often be reached at a forum here ].

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