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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts no. 51- June 10th. 2018

"Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are ultimately, at their very cores, 100% corrupt  criminal scams, which cannot be "reformed", "improved", or "limited" in scope, simply because of their innate criminal nature."  onebornfree

"Government doesn't work"  Harry Browne 

"Taking the State wherever found, striking into its history at any point, one sees no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators and beneficiaries from those of a professional-criminal class."      Albert J. Nock

"The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic" H.L.Mencken

"My first rule- I don't believe anything the government tells me- nothing!- ZERO!" George Carlin

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The Voting Scam:

"The Facts:

    Our vote no longer represents our power as individual citizens to have an impact on the actions of our government, but rather forces us to participate in a false dichotomy designed to keep us distracted from accessing the true source of our problems.

    Reflect On:

 If you do, why do you still continue to vote?

The Social Security"Trust Fund"-"Lock Box"
 & Medicare Scams:

".....The politicians don’t put your Social Security taxes into a “lock box” for your retirement. They give part of the money to current retirees and squander the rest on their favorite boondoggles. Since they’ve set nothing aside for your rainy day, they can pay you a pension only by taxing your children and grandchildren at higher and higher rates....."        Final fix for Social Security

[obf sez: the article  above reveals that Social Security and similar government -funded plans were/are always broke, and that the supposed "trust fund" is a bare-faced lie; part of the bigger scam called "Social Security", and the only way to "fix" it is to get rid of it entirely. Interestingly, none  of the supposed "alternative news" "Social Security/Medicare  about to run out of money" scare story articles below even mention the fact there there is, and never has been, a secure Social Security "trust fund" , and that its all just another gigantic government cash removal scam to benefit politicians. ]

"Are you depending on Social Security and Medicare for your retirement?
......... These government retirement programs are going broke even faster than expected.......":

"....The entire social support framework faces an inevitable conclusion where no amount of wishful thinking will change that outcome. The ONLY question is whether our elected leaders will start making the changes necessary sooner, while they can be done by choice, or later, when they are forced upon us....":

"Scientism"[Scientific Orthodoxy], Money, and The High Cholesterol+ Global Warming Scams]:

[obf sez:  I'm no David Icke fan, however this video is pretty good with regard to  the dangers of "scientism". I knew about the high cholesterol scam 20 years ago; the same goes for the global warming scam. What connects these two, seemingly disparate subjects? Two words "scientism"{i.e. governmentalized, scientific orthodoxy} and "money", specifically, evermore government money.]

The Overpopulation Scam:

6 Vicious Circles- The Socialism/Warfare /Welfare/Demo-Republicrat/Federal Reserve Scams: 


"....There are no shortcuts. There are no work-arounds. There are no backroads. We either leave the vicious cycles, or we do not. Government will continue to squeeze the life out of its citizens until (and not a moment sooner) the desire for Liberty dominates."

The Keynesian Economics Scam:

"....Students often ask the obvious question: Why is government policy grounded in such a flawed theory? From a political point of view, advocating and implementing Keynesian policy is the surest way to election and reelection. The gains from printing and spending money are immediate, highly visible, and can be concentrated on individuals who make up powerful voting blocs. The costs of this policy are incurred at a later date and can be spread thinly across the entire population, making the link between policy and long-run consequences difficult for the voting public to perceive........":

The Absurdity of Keynesian Economics

"...Part of the reason, as Schumpeter has pointed out, is that governments as well as the intellectual climate of the l930s were ripe for such conversion. Governments are always seeking new sources of revenue and new ways to spend money, often with no little desperation; yet economic science, for over a century, had sourly warned against inflation and deficit spending, even in times of recession....":       How Keynes Took Over the World

The 9/11 Scam:

[obf sez: presenting, once again, the single greatest, most detailed, most reality/world changing/life-changing examination of the the 100% fraudulent original US MSM "live" broadcasts of the morning of Sept. 11th. 2001, Simon Shack's incredible "September Clues", the only 9/11 analysis that explains the glaring contradictions to be seen in nearly every other "alternative" 9/11 "conspiracy theory" video out there, in my opinion.] :

"...the status quo in America – compliance without question, shutting our eyes to abuse, and forever finding reasons to believe – was aided by the 9/11 event more than anything else in our lifetimes.

This has had consequences and will continue to have consequences, and not good ones. A compliant populace is an open doorway to abuse, and the American populace has set an all-time record for compliance since the event.
Who Benefited?

Whatever the reasons behind it, we have to admit that the ruling classes in the US played 9/11 to the hilt. Consider:

    The warfare industries have seen their greatest and most prolonged boom times ever. The war in Afghanistan (not to mention Iraq, the War on Drugs, and all the small ones) has gone on for 17 years – as long as US involvement in World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam combined – and has kept an ocean of money flowing through the war industry’s coffers. Young Americans are still being killed and dismembered for no clear reason, but the money keeps flowing. And every significant sporting event begins with a worship service to the military. These are the times of legend..........": 

The Economist and Investment  Advisor Predictions Scam:

                                                    Former Federal Reserve chairman/scam artist Ben Bernanke

"It looks like Ben Bernanke is a Bridgewater client.

Recall that earlier this week we reported that in the May 31 "Daily Observations" letter to select clients, authored by Bridgewater co-CIO Greg Jensen, the world's biggest hedge had an ominous, if not dire appraisal of the current economic and financial situation facing the US, and concluded that "We Are Bearish On Almost All Financial Assets"

While Ray Dalio's co-Chief Investment Officer listed several specific reasons for his unprecedented bearishness, noting that "markets are already vulnerable as the Fed is pulling back liquidity and raising rates, making cash scarcer and more attractive", pointing out that "options pricing reflects little investor demand for protection against the potential for the economy to bubble over and also shows virtually no chance of deflation, which is a high likelihood in the next downturn", what really spooked Bridgewater is what happens in 2020 when the impact from the Trump stimulus peaks, and goes into reverse.......":

[ obf sez:  REALITY CHECK! : nothing, and no one, can reliably/consistently predict the economic future. Bottom line: {the world's best kept investment secret}:  future economic events cannot be reliably and consistently predicted by anyone, by any chart, by any economist or by any "investment advisor", including your own favorite, whoever it might be, dear reader.  The good news is that to safeguard your own savings against the ravages of an entirely unknowable economic future, it is not even necessary to have to be able to predict future economic events, or to have to rely on the predictions of economists, financial advisors, money managers, tea-leaf readers, or whomever. For my incredible, life-changing, FREE financial advice, please see:

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"The fact is that the average man's love of liberty is nine-tenths imaginary, exactly like his love of sense, justice and truth. He is not actually happy when free; he is uncomfortable, a bit alarmed, and intolerably lonely. Liberty is not a thing for the great masses of men. It is the exclusive possession of a small and disreputable minority, like knowledge, courage and honor. It takes a special sort of man to understand and enjoy liberty — and he is usually an outlaw in democratic societies." H.L. Mencken

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