Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sinus Infections


Q: "This is only like the 2nd time I have ever had one and its driving me insane!! I have a prescription from the doctor to help it, but good grief, this is the 3rd week I have had it!! Headache...OMG!!

What does everyone do for this? Im using the shower ( steam ), drinking fluids ( lake Mayer is down 4 feet from me ), advil.......any other ideas? I see the doc again on the 24th. Do I truly have to wait to feel better? Do they normally last this long? Thanks.

Edited to add this...the prescription is NOT an antibiotic. Its to dry it up.

Onebornfree: "I've used both something called Colloidal Silver [best one I found is by a co. called "Source Naturals], and a product called [if I remember correctly] "Nettipot" which is an all in one sinus rinse kit available from health food stores like Brighter Day, as is colloidal silver.

Like Nettipots system, colloidal silver liquid is inserted into the sinus cavities [ say half a dropper full in each nostril, with head tilted back - retain for approx. 5 minutes or as long as is comfortable.

It's amazing what gets kicked out from the sinus cavities when you do either of these [green stuff!].

Drugs just mask the symptoms, which are often caused by food allergies, lack of stomach HCL, air born pollutants etc."

ps The New York Times had a good article on colloidal silver recently:

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