Monday, January 23, 2006

The State of the World- What is to be Done?

What is to be Done"?

Here is a good article posted at: entitled "What is to be Done?', which pretty much reflects my own attitude about the world.

What he advise people to do, instead of complaining or trying to get governments to do what you think is right[ i.e shrink,grow, fund, not fund, bomb, not bomb, invade, uninvade etc.], is pretty much what I attempt to help people accomplish- its nice to read something that is a little closer to the way I think than I'm used to seeing.

article at:


  1. Finally clicked on the links in your sig line. Totally fascinating stuff you have going.

  2. Thankyou e-mom, I hope that the simpler new front page is a little easier on the eye and clarifies things a bit more for you as regards to what I do.Let me know.