Wednesday, May 10, 2006

13 Commonly Held Beliefs [Myths] About Governments- part 1

[part 1] 13 Commonly Held Beliefs [Myths] About Governments

Or, Beam Me Up , Scotty” or, “I’m From Another Planet and I’m Here To Help You”

Have you ever got involved in a conversation with another person, only to find that they share virtually none of the same beliefs and assumptions about the world that you customarily operate under?

For me, this happens a lot, {as you can no doubt imagine}. In fact, I've become so used to this “from another planet” feeling these days, that more often than not when introducing myself to others, I preface any remarks I am going to make – assuming I have been unable to limit conversation to “how’s the weather?” or “nice shoes”, with the announcement that I am indeed from" a galaxy far, far away" {a quote originally from the movie "Star Wars", but used to great effect by Linda Fiorentino's character Bridget, aka Wendy Kroy, in John Dahl's classic ‘90's noir movie " The Last Seduction"- which also happens to be my favorite movie of all time}.

“Beam Me Up Scotty”

Yet another “take” on that “from another planet” feeling is expressed succinctly via the popular bumper-sticker: “ Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here!” a quote alluding to the popular ‘60’s and early ‘70’s TV series “Star Trek” – although I’m unsure as to whether any of the main characters on that show ever actually uttered that exact phrase, now immortalized in popular culture. No matter, it makes the point.

With those two phrases in mind, this blog entry is devoted to a brief look at 13 common beliefs I don’t hold, and which cause me to experience - on essentially a minute by minute basis, that all too familiar, “yes indeedy, I'm from another planet " feeling.

I originally had intended to cover at least four major areas here, but I soon realized that I have way too much material, so what I propose to do here is to cover two related areas { freedom and government myths}, subtly blended by yours truly into one vast, shapeless mass {as these issues overlap considerably}, and to leave other myths { investments, economics} perhaps for another day.

My Evil Plan:

Just to be clear, the reason I've decided to list these , what I consider to be myths, is to provoke thought, discussion, argument, ridicule, accusations, threatening letters, etc. etc; and not to try to help anyone to live freer lives, as might first appear to be the case.

{It's what I do best, after all: provoke argument, ridicule, accusations, cancellations etc.}

Yelling and Shouting for Fun and Profit

Consequently, as part of my evil plan, much of what I list here is done in the manner of bald assertions, with only brief explanations, if any. This is after all, the popular style these days in both the press and on US TV – i.e. bald assertions backed up with righteous indignation / arrogance, {“hey, he must be right, he’s shouting louder than the other guy”!}.

I figure if it works for the O’Reilly’s, Limbaugh’s, Michael Savages and all of the other morons of the world, let alone for those in political power, then it can work for me too!

N.B. Nothing here should be construed as a political manifesto, or as being "pro-anarchism", “anti- government” etc.

I am neither for, nor against anything governments do or don’t do, { they are going to do “it” or not do "it", anyway}, nor "pro" or "anti" anarchism ["anarchy" defined as a complete absence of government ]. I'm merely interested in telling the truth as I see it, and then possibly, teaching others to accept and adapt to these agreed truths as discovered - for suitably large fees, of course.

Nothing here should be construed as being a call for either social {i.e. political} or personal change of any description – nor should it be construed as being opposed to any such changes- I don’t care what happens or which way the wind blows, as always, and just like you in your own way, I will merely try to adapt to or avoid whatever “comes down the pike” next, as best I know how.

Because of posting difficulties, the 13 beliefs themselves will be posted as part [2] in the next blog, to follow immediately...

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