Monday, May 29, 2006

War Is the State: Myths about Memorial Day, Governments and War.

Myths about Memorial Day, Governments and War.

War is the State

Another Memorial day, and the country is divided into at least 3 camps and possibly more:

1] the pro war establishment [those who want government and wars, and believe them justified and therefor celebrate wildly ]

2] the anti-war establishment [ those who believe in governments but are usually against war, or are suprised/enraged/horrified when they occur],

3] the "don't know don't care lets just have a party" crowd.

My comments here address only those in catagory [2].

War Is the State

An early to mid 20th century US historian , Randolph Bourne, famously quipped "war is the health of the State".

Myself, I believe it is more accurate to say:"War _Is_ the State".

To believe in the institution of governments and at the same time expect them not to start wars is futile- after all, war is the primary business of all governments everywhere.

War [regardless of whether a particular war is considered "just" or "unjust"]is one of the many inevitable , [although perhaps unforseen by some] consequences of having a government in the first place.

You want government , you will get wars.Get used to it

Quit wasting your time complaining about wars started/perpetuated by your government and the people in group [1] , i.e. the flag-waving "patritioc" types who madly celebrate, quit voting for candidates who promise to end a war [if they do, they'll start another], quit demonstrating against wars etc, etc; instead concentrate ALL OF YOUR TIME AND ENERGY on minimising your own risk to your governments primary business; that is engaging in wars against [a] its own citizens,[b] engaging in wars against the government and citizens of other countries.

Look for ways of avoiding the ensuing wild celebrations of the state, its wars and its minions on days such as today, and for ways which might work even better in the future.

Most importantly,forget about trying to change the rest of the world, or even a majority, into peace lovers via outreach and demonstrations, letters to the editor etc.- instead, "button your lips",get out of the way, and learn to concentrate on finding ways to associate as far as possible in your own life only with those who already hold similar views to yourself, and for ways to avoid the effects of governments and their wars, and of funding them, via legal, or possibly illegal methods, depending on your personal morality and where you choose to draw your own lines,as in reality the terms "legal" and "illegal" are always subjectively interpreted, and also subject to change at any time.

And never forget- war _is_ the state.

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