Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Insanity to Believe You Can Change The World

[Onebornfree/ Freedom Network commentary: this short video pretty much sums up the main message I have been trying to get across to people , either at Network meetings, or in private consultations. The most important fact you can learn, from me, or from this video, is, to quote the movies narrator: " You cannot change the world, to make yourself happy, or free."..."As long as humanity believes that they can change the world to make themselves happy and free, we will continue to fall into this trap generation after generation. It is insanity to think that you can change the world to make yourself happy or free". If you need any help, or have questions/comments about this video's and my own assertions, please contact me at: onebornfree at yahoo dot com. Regards, onebornfree.]


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