Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Video: Stefan Molyneux On The Obamacare Scam

[Onebornfree's Freedom Network commentary: this video presentation, by anarchist Stefan Molyneux, is excellent, except for one "small" problem. He never really gets to say that the horror of Obama's new law is NOT some sort of exception to the rule, or a statistical aberration. Instead, it is in fact no more or less than "par for the course" for ALL government programs, EVERYWHERE. Obamacare is no more than one more atypical example of the way that ALL government programs must work. To believe that the mistakes of Obamacare can be "fixed" by even more government, when government created the problem in the first place, is to believe in pure fantasy. Lesson:  one of the most important facts of life that a freedom-seeker needs to fully comprehend is that all governments are a 100%scam, and that therefor, all government programs are a scam, and that therefor, Obamacare is itself a scam. 

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