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Onebornfree's Special Scam Reports [no.13] - Sept.10, 2017

 Onebornfree's Special Scam Reports [no.13] - Sept.10, 2017

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The 9/11 Scam- 16 years On [ and Still Going Strong] :

Yay! Another 9/11 Anniversary - September 11th. 2017- Happy Anniversary!

Despite the fact that probably 97% to 99%% of people in general will most likely violently disagree with most, or all of these, my previously stated 9/11 assertions, I will re-state them here, just for the record, and just to further annoy/horrify some people as well, of course :-) :

1] The "Terror Attacks" of 9/11 Were An "Inside Job" :

 9/11 was an "inside job", that is, a wholly pre-planned U.S. government "false flag psychological operation, or "psyop”, carried out by the US Department of Defense [DoD] and associated, with the full complicity of the US mainstream  T.V. media [MSM] corporations - specifically: ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC ; either because the MSM was simply, er...., “steamrollered” into compliance with the military's agenda, or, more likely, because the U.S. MSM is wholly owned/operated subsidiary of both the US military and of the armament corporations that are almost wholly dependent on more U.S. wars in order to turn a profit via the ongoing sales of more/better weapons to that military establishment and associated.

2]  " Perpetual War For Perpetual  Peace” - It's All About Money and Jobs:


Although it is certainly possible that there were other "higher", secret agendas for 9/11 dreamed up and plotted by small, secretive, mysterious unknown cults/cabals etc., I  personally have no direct knowledge of any of that stuff, and therefor confine myself to the obvious, the, what are to me purely base economic and political reasons for the events of 9/11, given my own background in economic theory. I see no need to go beyond that basic economic theory here to explain the establishments need for a 9/11 event to happen in 2001.

Therefor, for myself, the primary goal of the 9/11 psyop was to create a brand new, post collapse of the USSR, faceless enemy to be known as "international terrorism".

In other words, the goal was to create a worldwide stateless and faceless enemy  for a  worldwide, “Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace", which would  thereby supposedly secure the future “jobs” and positions of 100’s of 1000’s [ maybe millions] of military personnel, personnel who would otherwise, because of the collapse of the U.S.S.R., most likely soon be out of their  various fake, "gravy train" military “jobs” in the near future, due to post-U.S.S.R.  collapse "downsizing", plus, of course, at the same time, the goal was to  ensure the future profits of 100's of billions [maybe trillions] of $'s in future war weapons revenues  for the giant armaments corporations that mostly own these various U.S. T.V. media giants. 

The Warfare/Welfare State:

Basically, the military is nothing more than a gigantic, war dependent, welfare beneficiary where the beneficiaries get to strut around in uniforms, with medals and guns etc. - it is basically the U.S. Post Office, with guns, missiles, planes, ships etc.;  and likewise, the armaments and "security" corporations and industries are  nothing more than direct, enormous "teat-sucking" government-dependent beneficiaries of an effectively mandatory corporate welfare system which, as with the military welfare recipients, the U.S citizen, is, as always, compelled to support via compulsory taxation [theft].

3] And So, To That End [2, above], The US MSM Broadcast 100% Faked “Live” TV Footage on 9/11:

 To that end [i.e. a " Perpetual War For Perpetual  Peace” to benefit the military and corporate arms industries.], the US MSM [ABC, CBS,CNN,NBC, Fox], broadcast 100% digitally faked “live” footage of a plane hit and of two tower "collapses" on the morning of Sept.11th. 2001.

To whit: all of the alleged "live" footage: i.e. of a plane [United Airlines Flight 175] hitting a building [WTC2] broadcast"live" on all 5 U.S. MSM TV stations, and then later on, of 2x 1300ft. tall buildings inexplicably "collapsing", top down, due to "fires", in 20 seconds or less, [seen "live" only on 2 of the 5 MSM channels], in fact comprised of wholly fake, prefabricated, made-on-computer sequences concocted months, possibly years before 9/11, and then broadcast as being “live” footage on 9/11 by the wholly complicit U.S. MSM TV stations. [ N.B. Most likely, the towers were demolished off camera via standard tall building demolition methodology, that is: from the ground up, using pre-placed "regular", good old-fashioned dynamite.] 

4] Close To 3,000 Fake 9/11 Victims:

 Furthermore, most, [possibly all] of the close to 3,000 alleged victims of the events of 9/11, as listed on the various memorial sites, appear to have never even existed in the real world. They mostly appear to have been wholly  fake personas  complete with fake personal histories, fake relatives and fake bios, and, faked portraits, poorly composed via Photoshop and other image compositing software [i.e. “face-morphing” software]. 

And so, I say unto you, dear reader : happy 16th 9/11 anniversary ! 

OBF Music video [new higher quality, live recording 08/29/17] :

 "Hell 2 Pay":


Regards, onebornfreeatyahoodotcom
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