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Onebornfree's Special Scam Reports [no.15] - Sept.24, 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Reports [no.15] - Sept.24, 2017 

[obf disclaimer: links to any other authors articles or videos are not necessarily  full endorsements of all of the views/positions of the individuals or organizations concerned .]

[obf sez: Dear reader, if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom]

The FDA, Big Pharma / Drug War Scam:

"Do We Have A Cure For Alzheimer’s Disease?"

"Reminder: Murder at the FDA"

"Elvis's Own Personal Drug War"

"Elvis was a devoted fan of Nixon's Drug War — right up to the day he died from a drug overdose. ..."

[ obf sez: Drug addict Elvis fought the "war on drugs". You gotta love it!]

The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Scam:

[ obf sez: the Vietnam war was a scam- hence, a documentary about it that is aired on mainstream US television {PBS} is almost always going to be a scam too.]

"...a sophisticated exercise in empire denial."

"Ken Burns's Vietnam Documentary Promotes Misleading History"

The [Ongoing]Trump Make America Great Again:

[obf sez: I knew Trump was a effectively a scam artist- just like all of his predecessors, right from the "git go"..... and so it goes.]

"America's Slow-Motion Military Coup"

The Trump/ Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)  Scam

Video: The Truth About the DREAM Act:

The 9/11 Scam:

"Never Forget: The US Government Has A Known History Of Using False Flags":

"..These people are liars, and they are depraved. They have no problem using lies to kill a million Iraqis and thousands of US soldiers to advance their agendas, and there’s no reason to believe they wouldn’t kill US civilians as well. There’s no harm in familiarizing yourself with all the details about the various conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 if that’s what you want to spend your brainpower on, but really all you need to know is that these people are known liars who have no problem slaughtering countless people to advance their agenda of global domination. There is no reason to trust them and many reasons not to..." :

 "Five Lessons from 9/11": "..Lesson number 1: Never trust the government. Ever. And especially when it has anything to do with terrorism, foreign policy, war, or the military. The government is a giant lie-making machine. Never trust what the government says about the events leading up to 9/11, the causes of the 9/11 attacks, or what actually happened on 9/11...."  

See also: "The 9/11 "Truth Movement" Versus Simple, Common Sense Logic"

More 9/11 Research: Video: "The Limit On Democracy"

[ obf sez: Good new[long] 911video by "Tufa" in Swedish {I think!}, with English subtitles [although with spelling/translation problems] that examines in great detail the construction of the WTC towers, plus the quality of all of the [totally fake]9/11 imagery we are [still] presented with, versus genuine video NY imagery pre-dating 9/11, plus the blatant plane-crash "eyewitness" lies, fake rubble pile photos, etc. etc. etc. :  "The Limit on Democracy":

The North Korea Scam:

Video: "The Horrible Truth About North Korea":

[obf sez: Did you know that Sherman [yes _that_ Sherman] was in Korea in 1866?. If you want to know exactly why nearly ALL N. Koreans apparently HATE the U.S., watch this close examination of its/their grievances by someone who went there]:

The Alexander Hamilton "Honorable Founding Father" Scam: 

"How Alexander Hamilton Screwed Up America"

The Never-ending "Left" Versus "Right" Scam:

[A special address by Ron Paul on the creeping authoritarianism infecting American life…]:

"America’s Broken System: Left vs. Right Authoritarianism"

Article: "The party's over: Republicans and Democrats are both finished"
[obf sez: one can only hope :-) ]

The Government "Education" Scam:

The Economic Predictions Scam:

"The Demise of the Dollar: Don’t Hold Your Breath"

[obf sez : no person/system/computer program can reliably/consistently predict future economic events, nor the future price/worth of anything. See:"Got Money You Can Afford To Lose? [How to Safely Profit In Stocks,Gold,Bonds, Crypto etc.] "] 


"How To Be More Addicted To Your Phone "


Regards, onebornfree.

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