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Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.16] - Oct.1st, 2017

Onebornfree's Special Scam Alerts [no.16] - Oct.1st, 2017

[obf disclaimer: links to any other authors articles or videos are not necessarily  full endorsements of all   of the views/positions of the individuals or organizations concerned .]

[obf sez: if you do not understand exactly why I call any of the listed scams here "scams", then perhaps we need to talk: onebornfreeatyahoodotcom]

Trump's "Make America Great Again" Scam:

"JFK, Trump, and Camelot"

The "Sexism" Scam:

"Are Markets Sexist?"

The 9/11 Scam:

"The 9/11 "Truth Movement" Versus Simple, Common Sense Logic "[updated : 093017]

The Global Warming Scam:

"Inconvenient? Record Arctic Sea Ice Growth In September"

The Constitution/Bill of Rights Scam:

"A Constitutional Anniversary to Forget"

The Tax Cut/Reform Scam:

"Don't Fall for Tax Reform"

The Scandinavian Socialism Scam:

 "The Myth of Scandinavian Socialism"

The Mahatma Gandhi Scam:

The Ongoing "False Flag"Terror Attacks Scam:

[obf sez: an excellent overview of the standard fake terror "template", demonstrating the common signs within a claimed terror event which always indicate a faked event, or a "false flag", or whatever you wish to call it.]

"Ole DammegĂ„rd - “Terror” – are you kidding me? "
The Che Guevara Scam:
"The Truth About Che Guevara"
The "Science/Medicine/Doctor Scam:

"....Yes, there is a doctor. Yes, there is such a thing as physical illness. Yes, the doctor is delivering a diagnosis and calling it a condition. But these factors are not in the mind, unless the physical doctor can squeeze himself into the patient’s head. In the mind, there are symbols of these elements—and that is what the patient is dealing with, for better or for worse. And over the long-term, for most patients, it’s worse."

"The hypnotic symbols of modern medicine"

The Spanish- American War Scam:

"The Truth About the Spanish-American War"

The "Price-Gouging" is Wrong Scam:

"There's Nothing Moral about Opposing "Price-Gouging"

The Hilary Clinton /Antifa Scam:

"Hillary Clinton Moved 800K From Her Campaign To Help Fund ANTIFA"

The New, "Safe" Auto Tire Scam:
"Tire Tyranny"

The [Old/New] North Korean War Scam

"Exploding the Korean War Lies"

"Unknown to Most Americans, the US ‘Totally Destroyed’ North Korea Once Before"

"....In its Korean War bombing campaign, the US ‘burned down every town in North Korea’..."

The Ken Burns Vietnam War Documentary Scam:

".........I watched the first episode in New York. It leaves you in no doubt of its intentions right from the start. The narrator says the war “was begun in good faith by decent people out of fateful misunderstandings, American overconfidence and Cold War misunderstandings”.

The dishonesty of this statement is not surprising. The cynical fabrication of “false flags” that led to the invasion of Vietnam is a matter of record – the Gulf of Tonkin “incident” in 1964, which Burns promotes as true, was just one. ....."

"The Killing of History"

The World War 1 /Woodrow Wilson Scam:

"This year is the 100th anniversary of Woodrow Wilson’s pulling America into World War I..."

"How World War I Still Haunts America"

"The Truth About World War I: The Hidden History"

The Flu Vaccine Scam:

"Time For A Flu Vaccine? Fugetaboutit!"

Humor: "How to Choose a GURU":


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