Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dr. Fetzer/ Onebornfree Radio Interview Pt. 3

Complete Fetzer/onebornfree "Real Deal" radio interview 09/05/12 [MP3 file]

The Richard Hall Video Analysis Continued:

Further "confirmation" for Dr Fetzer's hologram theory is [for him] the newer Richard Hall hologram video [ 04/12] . This "confirmation" could well be called "working assumption no. 5" for Dr Fetzer.  I have had specific problems with the Richard Hall analysis leading to his conclusion of the use of holograms on 9/11. Here are the two issues I attempted to raise during my radio interview: 

Screen shot [1] of Hall video data used to expound hologram plane theory:

[Click on image above to enlarge]

My question for Dr. Fetzer was, approximately : " You state that "only" the header ["UA-175 WORLD TRADE CENTER 11 SEP 01" ] of this data set has been changed by the government,and that the data set  itself is still reliable and trustworthy. Why would you believe that? How do you know with absolute certainty that the entire data set issued by the government is not a forgery? If you believe that they would change the header, why wouldn't they/it fake the data beneath that header as well? 

In other words, for Dr. Fetzer to believe that the data used by Mr Hall is all genuine despite the admitted fakeness of the header seems a little strange to me   , and methodologically questionable as well [but hey, I'm not a "trained" scientist :-) ]

Screen shots [2] and [3] of Hall video data used to expound hologram plane theory [ Clip 20 in the Hall video, which is the original CBS "live" 9/11 aired  16 sec. "divebomber" sequence [N.B. in my interview I mistakenly say the CBS clip is number 21 when it is in fact No. 20] :

[Click on image above to enlarge]

[Click on image above to enlarge]

Screen shot [4] of Hall video data used to expound hologram plane theory [Mr Hall has drawn a straight line to show Fl. 175's last moments whereas the original footage shows the plane image as viewed "live" as being considerably to the left and below  that drawn [red] line for its final moments pre-strike, so that the plane image must, in the CBS original "live" footage, make a massive swerve back to the viewers right in order to strike the building :

[Click on image above to enlarge]

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