Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dr. Fetzer/Onebornfree Radio Interview: Introduction

Complete Fetzer/onebornfree "Real Deal" 09/05/12 radio interview [MP3]


In late August/ early September of 2012  I was invited to be an interview guest on Dr. Jim Fetzer's "Real Deal" radio show for Wednesday 5th. September 2012. He apparently records the show "live" , and then puts it out there as a podcast, as far as I can tell [i.e. no live call ins- at least in my case].

We had initially"met" on a 9/11 blog called "Truth and Shadows",  where we were practically the only two persons who agreed that the principles of Newtonian laws of physics  made the central event portrayed in the various 9/11 "amateur"videos of a plane [UA Fl. 175]gliding effortlessly into a 500,000 ton steel and concrete building [WTC2] without even slowing down or shedding any parts on initial impact, a scientifically impossible  event, given the realities of Newtonian physics as applied to moving objects impacting stationary objects. 

As shown, for example, in the famous, Michael Herzekhani alleged "amateur" "live" footage:

user posted image

I guess he liked my posts at "Truth and Shadows",  and perhaps thought my posts fairly reasonable, tone-wise, as compared to the overwhelming, overall hate and nastiness and  continual vitriol he and I were constantly exposed to from most other posters there. 

From my own perspective, once I saw that he was posting regularly at that blogsite [for whatever reasons-  self-promotion possibly ], and as he is on record as having recognized credentials in the philosophy of scientific methodology, and as I had certain disagreements with his own employment of the "scientific" methodology regarding areas of his 9/11 research, and, as I was curious as to his reasoning for his [to me] "unusual" definition of the scientific methodology as he employs it with regard to 9/11 research, I proceeded to try to ask him questions at "Truth and Shadows" related to his conclusions to date about 9/11, in particular about his current, "they used holograms instead of real planes" theory.

Out of those blog exchanges, I got an "out of the blue" invitation to appear on Dr. Fetzer's "Real Deal " radio show. 

The show was 2 hours long, in 4 roughly 25 minute sections, and so I have written 4 separate blog entries each dedicated to the main subjects we attempted to cover in any one section. [The 4 sections were written because of my concerns about overloading one entry with too many videos and pictures etc.] 

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