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Dr. Fetzer/Onebornfree Radio Interview .Pt 1

Complete Fetzer/onebornfree "Real Deal" radio interview 09/05/12-mp3

About "onebornfree" [warning, self promotion section- read at your own risk :-) ] :  

I'm not  an independent 9/11 researcher, I'm more of a reviewer of other peoples research and of the underlying belief systems, psychologies and assumptions which lead the various  9/11 researchers  to their various conclusions about what happened on  9/11. 

 In other words, I am not a "Killtown" or a Dr. Fetzer, nor a Judy Wood, Simon Shack, Hoi Polloi, Ace Baker, Gerard Holmgren, Morgan Reynolds, David Ray Griffin, Steven Jones  etc. etc. or any other esteemed 9/11 researcher.  

Very little of my 9/11 thinking to date is original to myself as far as research goes[ that may change at some point], it is nearly all "parroted"/copied from other individuals  far more intelligent and far more observant than myself.

I am completely independent and am a member of no 9/11 "truth movement" , nor of any other movement. [ I am  however, a founding member of an anti-organization called "The Freedom Network" ]. 

Despite the fact that I am at this time a strong supporter of Simon Shack's 9/11 research, [i.e. I am very biased :-)], because I do not consider myself to be a 9/11 researcher, I am not even a member of Simon Shacks excellent forum, although I have talked with him briefly a couple of times via email.  I previously posted on a now [sadly defunct ]forum hosted by "Killtown" among others, where Mr Shack was also a member, and talked with him there a few times [2007-8?]. 

I have also posted various  entries to do with 9/11 on the excellent, but often ignored "Beyond Politics & 9/11 ,  run by "DoYouEverWonder" [a very patient and fair moderator in my opinion].

 I also used  to post in the Ludwig Von Mises Institute forums but came to the sad conclusion that most of the so-called anarcho-capitalists [including the moderators] there actually believe the entire official 9/11 fable and that my posts were definitely not welcome. 

More recently I have posted at Craig Mckees "Truth and Shadows" blog: My previous Dr. Fetzer/onebornfree/ interactions there [i.e how we "met"]are here  : 

Onebornfree's official qualifications:   

Almost ZERO!  Outside of Karate [20+ years] and martial arts in general,  I have no "formal " training in any discipline, including science, economic science, political science or philosophy, investment, finance or speculative philosophy, alternative medicine, health/fitness, law, or anything else for that matter. 

My poor speaking abilities: On listening to the interview you will also discover that I am not an expert in public speaking either.  

Despite the fact that I have absolutely no problem with getting up in front of an audience and singing/playing guitar live, my delivery during this live interview is annoyingly halting [even to me] . 

My excuse? This was my first time ever on radio and I'm unaccustomed to the pressure of having to come up with something intelligent to say live, on air, time after time for almost 2 hours straight.  Also I believe that my "Skype" connection may have been intermittent, which adds to the halting quality of some segments, and if you factor in your own real-time connection problems on top of all that while you listen to the sound file- it might get pretty annoying at times. 

My publications: Unlike Dr. Fetzer, almost ZERO!  Outside of 2 privately published efforts to do with investment philosophy [ one on Swiss Bank Liquidity, the other on using Nevada and offshore incorporations to shield wealth from governments and to  increase financial and personal privacy], and one on Safe Speculation Principles that is currently "under construction", my only published written "screed" is in my various listed blogs [below] . My other web publications are all music related.

Onebornfree info: "The Problem Solver
[I problem solve in 3 or 4 different general areas: personal freedom, personal privacy, investment and speculation, alternative medicine [i.e.herbology, homeopathy, chiropractic, various types of massage,] diet/exercise/fitness,  personal relationships/sexuality issues , business problems, career problems, life goal problems etc. etc.]

 Besides being a long time student of  economic theory, I am also a  long-time student  and practitoner of Hatha Yoga, weightlifting/bodybuilding,  cycling, walking,Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and the philosophy behind Aikido. 

Onebornfree Freedom network blog :

Dr Fetzer book: [my original introduction to his 9/11 work]: "The 9/11 Conspiracy- The Scamming of America". 

9/11 video: Killtowns "Air vs Skyscraper"  [plane travelling through air in same number of frames per sec as it does through 500,000 tons of steel and concrete, as mentioned by Dr. Fetzer in this first interview segment]: 

End of 1st. section [music break before section 2 commences]

Link to Supporting radio interview text for Part 2[ of 4]

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